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Published 2 years, 1 month ago by Christopher Buffa

Nintendo put a variety of cool-looking insects into its 3DS smash-hit, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  You’ll discover quite a few species wandering through town and Tortimer Island.  Thankfully you can catch these bugs with a net, then put them on display at the Museum or sell them at Re-Tail.  We already published bug-catching tips in this helpful guide.  That said, here’s the full list of insects and the best months of the year to nab them all.

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Common Butterfly- April

Peacock Butterfly- June

Yellow Butterfly- April

Monarch Butterfly- October

Tiger Butterfly- May and June

Emperor Butterfly- July and August

Oak Silk Moth- June through August

Agrias Butterfly- Only a one percent chance throughout the year.

Honeybee- April

Raja Brooke- July through September

Bee- Anytime

Birdwing- Only .5 percent chance throughout the year.

Long Locust- September and October

Moth- June and August

Migratory Locust- September and October

Rice Grasshopper- October

Giant Cicada- August

Mantis- September through November

Walker Cicada- August

Orchid Mantis- November

Evening Cicada- July

Brown Cicada- July

Cicada Shell- Only a two percent chance throughout the year.

Robust Cicada- July

Lantern Fly- June through August

Red Dragonfly- October

Pondskater- June

Darner Dragonfly- June

Diving Beetle- June

Banded Dragonfly- August

Stink Bug- Only one percent chance throughout the year.

Petaltail Dragonfly- Only a .5 percent chance throughout the year.

Snail- June

Ant- Anytime

Cricket- October

Bell Cricket- September

Bagworm- November

Grasshopper- September

Ladybug- March and April

Mole Cricket- November through April

Violin Beetle- June, September through October, November

Walking Leaf- July, August through September

Longhorn Beetle- July through August

Walking Stick- September through November

Tiger Beetle- Only a .5 percent chance throughout the year.

Dung Beetle- Two percent chance during December to February.

Scarab Beetle- Two percent chance in all months.

Wharf Roach- June through September

Jewel Beetle- Three percent chance in all months.

Hermit Crab- Three percent chance the next day.

Miyama Stag- August

Firefly- Available throughout the year.

Saw Stag- August

Fruit Beetle- July and August

Giant Stag- Two percent chance next day.

Rainbow Stag- One percent chance next day in August.

Horned Elephant- August

Cyclommatus- August

Horned Hercules- Only a .5 percent chance the next day in August.

Golden Stag- Only .5 percent chance the next day in August.

Goliath Beetle- July, August

Horned Dynastid- Seven percent chance the next day throughout the year.

Flea- June through August all day.

Horned Atlas- August

Pill Bug- November through March.

Mosquito- August

Spider- April through May the next day, September

Fly- Anytime

Tarantula- Only .5 percent chance the next day in August.

House Centipede- September

Scorpion- A .5 percent chance the next day from July to September.

Centipede- January through February.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available for 3DS.

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