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3.2 Story Recap & Glossary

The Assassin’s Creed series storyline tells of an ancient struggle between two opposing forces: the Templars, who seek to bring order to the world through absolute control, and the Assassins, who endeavor to preserve its freedoms.

Both factions operate in secret, continually vying for possession of archaic artifacts and futuristic technologies to advance their cause throughout their centuries of conflict. By exploiting the capacity to relive moments in history via the recent Animus tech, the contemporary Assassins and Templars gain insights into events that affect the present – and so the two threads of the narrative weave together.

The first Assassin’s Creed opened with the events of 2012, finding the dominant Templars on the brink of realizing their dream of a new world order. Each new chapter fills in another piece of the jigsaw puzzle, adding greater depth and new revelations to the common backstory.

We begin this section with a quick recap of the Assassin’s Creed Revelations storyline. To refresh your memory on key events and plot strands in all four core episodes – and to perhaps further whet your appetite for installments to come – we follow this with a story glossary packed with known facts and lively speculation…

Revelations: Key Events

The Revelations story continues directly from the conclusion of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Any triumph felt by the Assassins at claiming the Apple of Eden hidden beneath the Colosseum has been tempered by the tragic death of Lucy Stillman at the hands (though not, it is clear, at the behest) of a horrified Desmond.

After stabbing her while under the control of forces unknown – though strongly suggested to be the First Civilization entity known as Juno – he collapses. Believing his condition to be a consequence of the Bleeding Effect, his Assassin friends place him in a special Animus program in an attempt to at least forestall fatal mental deterioration.

As his body is transported from Italy to a new (but, at this stage, unspecified) destination by Shaun, Rebecca and their commander William, Desmond regains consciousness (in a manner of speaking) on a strange island. He meets Subject 16
( 01), now fully realized in a virtual body, who explains that Desmond is inside the original Animus test program – and that his mind has been fragmented, pushed to the brink of irreversible dementia, by the experience of reliving the lives of Ezio and Altaïr.

Sixteen informs Desmond that he can preserve his sanity by creating a Synch Nexus. This can be achieved by visiting key but hitherto unseen moments in the stored memories of his ancestors, “finishing” their lives (or at least the parts of significance)...