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1.2 Sequence 1

A Sort of Homecoming

Memories 01 & 02

THE HANGMAN & A NARROW ESCAPE: Run along the shore when play begins, then follow Subject 16 for a short stroll on the mysterious Animus Island; when he disappears, walk into the portal to begin Sequence 01. Once Ezio lands in the spectacular introductory cutscene (completing the gameplay-free The Hangman Memory), A Narrow Escape begins automatically.

The first part is a relatively uncomplicated introduction to free running and climbing. Follow the ghostly apparition of Altaïr to reach the roof of Masyaf’s central keep, paying attention to pop-up prompts and tips as they appear.

There are two points during the climb where you must fight Byzantine Templars directly: the first a brief fistfight, and the second a weapons-based confrontation after Ezio has retrieved his equipment. In the second of these, employ a Counter Kill (Primary Attack button + High Profile button just before an opponent attacks; see page 17) to kill one guard and fulfil the Full Synch requirement ( 01).

You will need to perform two ledge assassinations on oblivious guards before you reach the top (see page 19). Approach the statue at the waypoint marker and press the Empty Hand button to interact with it.

Memory 03

A JOURNAL OF SOME KIND: After Ezio lands in the pool of water, kill the guard, then follow the corridor to reach a chamber where the next Memory Start position awaits. Kill the four marked targets (the first with an air assassination, as directed), then approach the highlighted individual and press the Empty Hand button.

You must now follow the waypoint markers to reach a guard captain carrying an item of interest to Ezio. Fight or attempt to avoid the guard patrol after returning outdoors as you travel to the waypoint marker, then climb the ladder. On the wall above, dispatch the next group of Templars before you continue your climb ( 02). At the final waypoint, follow the onscreen prompts to parachute from the wall, steering to land a safe distance behind the marked Templar and his bodyguards.

Stay out of sight and follow from a safe distance as you follow your target down the slope. You can satisfy the Full Synch requirement by successfully tailing this first individual without attracting attention. If you are discovered, you will need to activate Eagle Sense (press L/L3) to locate a new Templar to follow.

General Tips

On Animus Island at the very start of the game, don’t walk straight into the portal. If you wait for a moment, you will hear a dialogue between Shaun Hastings and another individual filtering into Desmond’s consciousness from outside the Animus...