EA and DICE Prepare Armored Kill DLC For Battlefield 3

Published 3 years ago by Robert Workman


If you’ve subscribed to the Battlefield 3 Premium pass – or you’re just an avid fan of the game that bought the expansion separately – you probably aren’t getting enough of the Close Quarters DLC that released last month following the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  Well, you better save some room on your hard drive, because the company has confirmed more details about its upcoming expansion, Armored Kill.

This time around, you’ll battle your way through four new maps, including one that the company considers “the biggest map in Battlefield history”.  You’ll also be able to “up the ante” with “vehicular mayhem”, using tanks and other vehicles to get the point across in a new mode titled Tank Superiority.  No further details were provided outside of that, but considering that Close Quarters was all on-foot action, it’ll be a nice change of pace.

Armored Kill is expected to release next month on PS3 first, and then Xbox Live a week later.  The expansion will cost $14.99 separately, or you can get it free of charge as part of the Premium pack.  We’re eager to see where all this explosiveness leads us…


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