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1.3 Bandar Desert

Bandar Desert


This desert battle offers a unique balance of ground and air combat as both teams fight for control of this sprawling region. With five flags up for grabs, each team should attempt to capture and hold a minimum of three control points. However, the uneven layout of the flags can make it difficult to draw a cohesive battle line. The artillery base (E) on the west side of the map grants access to the gunship, making it the most popular flag on the map. Both teams should attempt to capture and hold this flag so they can put the gunship’s powerful weapons to use. The remaining four control points are all on the east side of the map. These control points produce very few vehicles, often leading to heavy infantry combat in this area. Most of the vehicles are produced at each team’s base. So if either team wants to gain the upper hand, they’ll need to consistently spawn back at their base and drive these vehicles to the front lines. Each side also has access to an attack helicopter and two jets. In most cases, their air assets offset each other as they streak across the sky locked in white-knuckle dogfights. But if one team can establish air superiority, these aircraft can make a big impact on the ground battle. In the desert, there are few places for ground vehicles to hide, making them particularly vulnerable to strafing runs.