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New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Coming In a Few Days

Published 1 year, 6 months ago by Robert Workman

Irrational Games may have oft-delayed Bioshock Infinite and toned down on the game's public appearances at events (to the point we barely even see it any more), but relax, kids.  Bioshock Infinite is moving along just fine, and this morning, the team posted something new to its official Facebook page that's worth getting thrilled over.

A countdown clock has emerged on the site, counting down the days, hours and minutes until something posts on October 21st, just a few days from now.  That something?  An all new trailer.  And while the Facebook page doesn't really indicate what we'll see in this new piece of footage, it's bound to be spectacular, as past clips from the game have proven.

Head over (and like!) Bioshock Infinite's official page here, and count down with us to the awesome.


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