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Borderlands GOTY Walkthrough

Borderlands eGuide by JoelG4rner

Basic gameplay info and beginning walkthroughs for the four game add-ons

Borderlands GOTY Edition


Welcome to the beginning walkthrough for Borderlands GOTY edition. This FAQ will touch on all four add-ons to the game: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot , The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. This guide will get you started in the four different areas and walk you through where to go and what you need to do.

Borderlands has an open world environment and as such you are free to roam where you like. While this FAQ will try to steer you in the detailed direction, depending on how you travel, your game play experience might be a little different. To get to a mission objective location you might choose a different path and therefore have different encounters with enemies and loot. You may also wish to complete missions in a different order depending on what source they came from and whether or not they are necessary to the story line.

While your journey and experiences might be different the end results will be the same and that is to complete your objectives.

Note: The tips, tactics, and walkthrough are all written without calling out specific button presses in order to accurately cover every platform.

Survival Guide Tips and Tactics

Character Class

There are four different characters to choose from when playing Borderlands. Each one has their own unique skills and abilities. Each one also specializes in different kinds of weapons so make sure you know what weapons you like to use. Experiment with each one to see which one you like best.


You can’t survive in Borderlands without good weapons. Lucky for you they are in abundance and can vary greatly in type and damage. The main types of weapons are:





Sniper rifles


Alien weapons

It is a good idea to have different weapons that use different kinds of ammo equipped at any time. If you are out in the wastes and run out of ammo with your rifle you can switch to a SMG that uses it’s own kind of ammo to keep on fighting. Being well stocked on ammo will help keep you alive. Luckily there is plenty of ammo to be found on dead bodies and in lootable objects. It is also important to have some long-range weapons on hand to get those bad guys that are out of range.

It is also important to have a variety of the same kind of weapon. Different weapons can have elemental abilities such as fire damage, electrical damage, or explosive damage. Different enemies and creatures are more susceptible to these elemental damages. Find out which works best for different enemies.


In addition to all the weapons you can choose to use during the game there are also important types of equipment you can use to help keep you alive. These can be found during your adventure on enemies you have killed or hidden away in lootable objects. You can also purchase items at vending machines located in different towns and areas. As your character gains higher levels and you acquire more loot be sure to look over your equipment to see if you need to upgrade.


There are many different types of shields you can use. Things to look at when considering which shield to use are how much damage it can absorb, recharge rate, and special features such energy blasts once shield is depleted. Experiment with different shields you find to see which ones work best for you, but a large shield will absorb more damage keeping you safer longer, and is the type I would recommend. Next on importance is a shield with a higher recovery rate.

Class Mods

Class mods help improve the skills of you character. Usually the higher the level of the mod the more improvements it can grant you. Mods can do many different things such as improve skills on your skill tree, they can help with ammo regeneration, grant extra experience from kills, can grant better use of particular weapons, etc.

It is a good idea to keep a few different mods in your inventory and change what you have equipped when the need arises. You can use a Mod that grants you better weapon skills when you are out fighting, but can switch to one that grants health regeneration if you have taken damage.


Guns are great for taking out single enemies, but if you need to take out multiple enemies at once grenades are just the ticket. These deadly devices come in many different forms and can deliver different amounts of damage and special effects. Some grenades will stick to the environment, some will bounce around the area and only explode when they strike an enemy, some will explode sending out even more smaller grenades, and some can even help replenish any missing health. There are many different grenades so be sure to experiment with the different types and see which ones work best for you. And be sure to upgrade to better more powerful ones as you gain higher levels.


There are rare unique artifacts that can be found throughout the world of Borderlands. Use them on you character specific ability.

Lootable objects

There are many objects around Borderlands that contain valuable money and loot. These objects include lockers, chests, toilets, washers, toolboxes, and more. Just look for a little green light on the object to know that you can open it for treasure. Once opened the light will turn red letting you know you have opened it.

Also out in the wastelands are dangerous skaggs. But lucky for you they leave behind piles of skagg droppings that contain valuable objects. Open one of the steaming piles up to find out what treasures might pop out. Just make sure you take out any Skaggs in the area first so they don’t attack you unexpectedly.


Walking long distances can be a real drag, but in Borderlands you don’t have to because you can drive! Not only will a vehicle get you around the area quicker but it can also help you take out your enemies. Try ramming them as fast as you can to put the hurt on.

Along with running over enemies each vehicle can be equipped with weapons. When you choose a vehicle from a vehicle station you have two options for weapons with a rocket launcher or machine guns. Be sure to choose the rocket launcher option to do more damage.


There are a vast number of enemies in the different DLC levels of Borderlands. In addition to the enemies from the main game there are undead zombies, deadly assassins, and evil claptraps. No matter what the enemy always be sure to loot the corpses to gather valuable supplies and money. You never know what good stuff you might find.

Walkthrough - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Mission 1: Welcoming Committee

Claptrap: Recalibrate the defense turrets

Rewards: XP and Cash

Mission Briefing

Claptrap has informed you of the nearby zombie infestation. The town is normally kept safe by three defensive turrets, but they don’t yet recognize zombies as a threat. Your only hope to restore any semblance of security to the area is to recalibrate the town’s defensive batteries.

After you enter the area you have to speak to the Claptrap blocking your way to get your first mission. Just past the Claptrap is a shack that can lead to Jakob’s Cove, but it is locked until you complete the first mission. For now head down a path to the left. When you get to an area where the path drops down you will see zombies in the distance. Stay on the upper path and kill those rotting fools from a distance. Only drop down and continue when the coast is clear.

When you get to Jakob’s Cove kill any zombies near the entrance then head down the wooden walkway until you see a broken turret on your left. Jump over to the wooden balcony where it is located and fix it. Once it is operational it will start to blast those damn zombies.

Look to the south and you will see another broken turret on the ground below just past the wooden structure of the town. Blast any zombie in your way and make your way towards the turret. Secure the area by blasting any zombies then fix the turret. Once it is up and running it will clear any zombies it finds.

Make your way back through the town and head to the west of the first turret. On a walkway above the mission board in town is the last turret you need to fix. Blast any remaining zombies in your way then head up the ramp to get to the turret. Fix the last one and you secure the town. Head back down to the mission board you past and speak to the Claptrap to end the mission.

Mission 2: Is the Doctor In?

Clap Trap: Find Dr. Ned

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Claptrap has told you that there is a doctor who could use your help to stop the zombies. Find Dr. Ned’s office down at the docks and figure out what’s going on.

Head out the now open exit to the south of the second turret you activated. There you will find yourself out on the beach and you will discover Dr. Ned’s Bleeding Heart Infirmary. Luckily there are no zombies here. Follow the wooden walkway to the front door and take out the flying crusty corpse eaters that swoop in to attack as you go. Retreat back to the beach to give yourself more room to fight. Check out the sign on the door to complete the mission.

Mission 3: House of the Ned

Dr. Ned: Find and contact Dr. Ned in the bayou

Rewards: XP and Cash

Mission Briefing

There is a note on the door to Dr. Ned’s office. The fine print reads: ‘Screw this. I’m not hanging around here to get killed. I can protect myself better at home. If any fool finds this, I’m at my place in the bayou. Good luck reaching me, though. Just stay away. It’s safer if you don’t try to get me.’

Before starting this mission you should go back into town and check out the mission board to accepts three new missions available. Complete missions 4 and 5 before you start this mission.

This mission takes place in Hallow’s End so you need to go there. Check your map for the direction. The entrance to the place is just after the area where you find ECHO #5 in mission 4.

Once in Hallow’s End follow the trail down towards the water blasting zombies as you go. Follow the water to the left. When the water splits follow the right path. When it splits again follow the path to the left. When you see a large tunnel ahead exit the water to the right. Stay near the water’s edge and blast all the zombies that rush you. Be sure to retreat if the action gets too hot.

Once the coast is clear load up on ammo from some ammo crates at the four way intersection then follow the trail to the south. When the trail splits take out lots of zombies and follow the left path. Continue forward and across some water. On the other side of the water head up the dirt ramp to the left. Cross the wooden bridge to get to the other side of the chasm.

Head to the left and you will see Dr. Ned’s hideout. Blast zombies from the entrance and when the coast is clear head to the back southwest wall where you will find an elevator. Activate the speaker box on the right side to call Ned. While he tries to get the elevator operational again head back to the entrance. Use the entrance as cover because wave after wave of Zombies will be rushing your location.

Once Dr. Ned has the thing fixed run into the elevator and pull the handle inside to take a ride up to safety. Move along the walkway until you get to a door you can open. Head inside to find Ned. Speak to him to add the mission.

Mission 4: Missing: Hank Reiss

Jakobs Cove bounty board: Investigate the disappearance of Hank Reiss

Rewards: XP, Cash, and Rifle

Mission Briefing

I have not heard from my husband Hank, for weeks. He worked down at the Jakobs Mill. I fear the worst; I must know what happed to him. Please send me any news that you can. I am offering a reward for anyone who can find him.

Check the mission bounty board in town to get some mission. For this mission you have to find 5 ECHO recording scattered around Jakob’s Cover.

ECHO #1:
Located at the center of the town of Jakob’s Cove. Make your way to the second turret you activated earlier. Look in the mailbox to the left of the two vending machines.

Move out to the beach where Zed’s you found Zed’s shack and follow the path to the left. Move past some signs on the left of the path pointing back to Jakob’s Cove. Take out all zombie threats in your way. When the path splits take the left trail down into some water. Keep on the path past some shacks and down into some more water. Grab the next ECHO on a rowboat.

Backtrack to where the path split and follow the other trail. This takes you past a small boat dock on the left and into a short tunnel. Move through the tunnel until you get back to the beach. Take out the corpse eater that greet you then follow the beach to the left. Check out the shack on the water’s edge and grab the next recorder on the chair in front of the shack.

Head back to Jakob’s Cove. To the right of the second turret you activated earlier is shack resting high up on a tree. Move to the right side of it and there you will find a ramp leading up. Climb the ramp up then follow the walkway to the left around the shack to find the next ECHO.

ECHO #5 Backtrack to the short boat dock near the tunnel you went through for ECHO #3. Shoot some zombies in your way then jump off the dock and into the dry riverbed below. Follow the path forward and to the right until you find the last ECHO. Return to the Mission Board back in town for your reward.

Mission 5: Eggcellent Opportunity!

Jakobs Cove bounty board: Get Markus a shipment of corpse eater eggs.

Rewards: XP, Cash, and Call Mod

Mission Briefing

Markus here. Would you believe it? I found a market for rotten, stinky undead bird eggs. Some crazy bandits in the east think they are some sort of delicacy. As I like to say, there is always opportunity! I hear the crusty corpse eaters like to nest on the coastline. If you get me a shipment of eggs, I’ll pay you handsomely.

This is a pretty easy mission to complete. Just head to the coastline where you found Dr. Ned’s Bleeding Heart Infirmary and wait for the crusty corpse eaters to swoop in. Blast them out of the sky and collect the eggs that fall to the ground. Continue along the coast killing more birds and grabbing more eggs that you find until you have all 25 that you need. Return to the Mission board back in Jakob’s Cove to complete the mission and get your reward.

Mission 6: Pumpkinhead

Jakobs Cove bounty board: Find and kill the mythical Pumpkinhead

Rewards: XP, Cash, and Sniper Rifle

Mission Briefing

Patricia Tannis here. There have always been legends of a mysterious and elusive creature out at Jakobs Cove. Some people call him Pumpkin head. Pretty spooky, huh? I just call him Bob. As a scientist with a bit of a crackpot reputation, this story captivates me. I would love a first-hand account of the creature. Of course, the best way to prove something like this exists – which will then vindicate a so-called ‘obsession with such a frivolous pursuit’ – is a body. So while a really blurry picture or an ECHO with some unidentifiable sounds on it would be nice, a corpse would be better. It’s said to roam the swamps but only comes out when people care creepy faces into pumpkins and put candles in therm. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I never was any good at cooking.

In Hallow’s End you need to make your way to the four way intersection you were at when you went in search of Dr. Ned in mission three. Follow the trail to the southwest. The path moves up and to the left. Stop when you get to the tunnel entrance and blast the zombies on the other side. Once the coast is clear you can continue.

Follow the trail into the next town and blast the Zombies in your way. Make you way to the pumpkin patch and light the two glowing green pumpkin you find then quickly retreat to the entrance you just came from. With the two pumpkins lit Pumpkin head enters the area.

He is tough so keep your distance and blast him in his big old orange pumpkin head. These headshots are the key to taking him down. If he starts to chase you run back to the town. Be sure to check behind you to see when he stops chasing you. This is when you can blast him in the head some more. Keep nailing him until he crumples in a heap the grab the loot from his dead body and return to Jakob’s Cove and the mission board to claim your prize.

Mission 7: There May Be Some Side Effects…

Dr. Ned: Find the antidote sample for Dr. Ned.

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Ned was testing a skagg-based antidote to the zombie plague. The skaggs are immune to the illness, so Ned believes his antidote could be effective. Bring the antidote sample to the Claptrap in town so Ned can continue his research.

Get to the second beach area and follow the coast to the far southeast end. There you will find the spooky entrance to Generally Hospital.

You will enter the next area in a tunnel. Head outside to find a graveyard full of zombies so take them out. Across from the exit is a steep criss-cross path leading up to the hospital. As you make your way slowly up the path you will have to take out hordes of zombies. Once at the top run along the fence to the right to find an opening you can fit through.

Run to the front porch of the hospital and you will be attacked by Hank, who now happens to be a Wereskag. Unfortunately you will have to put him down. Use the pillars on the porch as cover and put him down. Once he is defeated check the dumpster on the side of the hospital for the antidote. Return to Jakob’s Cove and the Claptrap near the mission board to complete this mission


Walkthrough - Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Mission 1: Prove Yourself

The Underdome Bounty Board: Meet With Moxxi to find the informant.

Rewards: XP, cash, and prize

Mission Briefing

In order to access the longer tournaments, you’ll need to prove yourself by completing five rounds in each coliseum.

This DLC for Borderlands is not a traditional mission based experience. Instead it is an arena style fighter where you must survive different enemy attacks in a large arena.

For each arena you must survive five rounds each with five different waves of attacking enemies. The more waves you survive the harder the enemies become with their health, damage, and shields increasing. They can also get special bonuses such as becoming super fast or regenerating health.

When fighting it is a good idea to stay close to cover. Going out into the open will only get you killed. Be sure to check your compass at the bottom of the screen to see where your enemies are so they don’t sneak up behind you.

After each wave there will be health and ammo crate drops for you to pick up. You have to grab them quickly because after just a few short seconds they disappear and the next wave of enemies will be coming up.

Fighting in these arenas can be extremely difficult as you get mobbed by enemies. If you die you will have to go back and redo previous waves you already completed. If you are able playing with friends is always a good idea to complete this challenge.


In this circular arena you will find a broken down set of buildings in the center of the arena and a walkway along the surrounding walls. Try to stay along the outer walls behind crates and other obstacles so you can have some cover from enemy fire. Good Luck!

Wave 1: Starter Wave
The enemies you face in this wave are fairly easy and will get you warmed up for the real battles yet to come.

Wave 2: Gun Wave
The enemies in this wave are armed and dangerous. Be sure to stick close to cover to avoid taking weapon damage from them. Try to take them out from long range.

Wave 3: Horde Wave
There is no escaping this wave as the enemies coming rushing in to greet you. Your best chance to survive this wave is to keep on the move. When you get some distance between you and your enemies you can turn and fire to drop some of the horde before going on the run once more.

Wave: 4 Badass Wave
The enemies in this wave are stronger than the previous ones you have faced. Stay close to cover to avoid their deadly attacks.

Wave 5: Boss Wave
Time for a real fight. This wave not only brings strong enemies but also a named boss to fight you. Take out the lesser minions first before concentrating on the boss. Once again stay close to cover and keep on the move if the firefight gets too close for comfort.

Complete all five rounds and waves in this arena and you can move on to the next one.


Walkthrough - Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Mission 1: Scooter? But I Don’t Even Know Her

Atlas Informant: Find Scooter to learn more about the mysterious informant, Athena.

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

A mysterious ally has contacted you and is looking for your help. There is a price on your head and you’ll need to deal with Atlas to get rid of it. The informant Athena, has told you to find Scooter in T-Bone Junction. He knows where to find her.

Make your way out of the room and building you start in. Once you hit the city streets head across the road to the building with Scooter’s name on it. There you find Scooter in a cut scene who tells you Athena is hiding at Moxxi’s place. Speak to Scooter behind the counter to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Boost the Monster

Scooter: Collect the necessary parts to complete the new vehicle.

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Scooter has informed you that you won’t be able to reach Moxxi unless you have a vehicle. Scooter has been working on a new set of wheels but need you to grab the last few parts needed to finish the boost system. Search T-Bone Junction for the needed parts.

Exit the building and go left. Pass the road down the left then look for some stairs going up on the left side of the road. Move down a narrow alley just past the stairs. Heads down the stairs to the right and follow the walkway around a small shack to find the first part.

Return to the city streets and follow the street up a hill to the left. When you get to the top of the street it curves around to the left and around a shack. Follow the outside wall of the shack to find the next part. Take out the security force that greets you there.

When the coast is clear you can follow the road up another hill to a large circular court. There you can grab the last part that you need hiding under the vehicle. Return to Scooter to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Big Crimson Brother is Watching

Bounty Board: Eliminate Crimson Lance Security Cameras.

Rewards: XP and Cash

Mission Briefing

Helena Pearce here. The Crimson Lance have installed security cameras to spy on the local population at T-Bone Junction. This is in direct violation of Atlas’s charter on Pandora. Please destroy the cameras to ensure the privacy of the citizens.

Head to the far South West of the lower street to find the mission board. After you accept the mission move to the west to find a red and white canister on the edge of the walkway. This is the security camera Blast it with some static weapons to take out it’s shields. As you do so the camera canister will rise into the air and stat firing back at you. Blast it with a quick firing weapon like the SMG or the assault rifle to take it down quickly.

The second spy camera is on the roof of Scooter’s place. Run back to his shop and climb the stairs on the left side of the building. Take this second camera you find on the roof out the same as the first.

Return to the main street and follow it up the hill to the left. As you move along the loop you will see the third camera on the right side of the street to the northwest. Take it out.

Continue up the street and up to the upper court. A couple sets of vehicles sit along the edge of the street. Look to the very right of the vehicles to find the fourth security camera. Take it out!

Return to the lower street and head to the back alleyway where you found the first part to Scooter vehicle. On a ledge just beyond where you found the part is the last security camera to destroy. Use the building as cover and make sure you don’t fall over the edge. Once the final camera is destroyed return to the mission board to turn it in.

Mission 4 Wanted Dead

Agent 01: Survive the Omega ambushes by killing their leaders.

Rewards: XP and Class mod

Mission Briefing

Atlas has a huge price on your head and has ordered their most elite units, the Omega Assassins, to find and kill you. Athena has warned you that there will be four teams. You don’t know where or when they’ll strike, but you know they’re coming. Survive.

While trying to get parts for your ride you were attacked by a group of Omega Assassins and their leader. What you faced with them is what you can expect to face in the future.

They are quick and deadly in face-to-face combat. Avoid letting them get in close. Blast them with your long-range weapons to stun them and create space between you. Be sure to retreat for more room when they do get too close while blasting them with a powerful shotgun blast.

As the mission briefing said they can drop in at any time. Take out all four teams to complete this mission.

Mission 5: Greasemonkey

Scooter: Install the parts to complete the new vehicle

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Now that Scooter has all the parts to his new vehicle you can fix up the ride since he is unable to do it himself.

Install the three new parts: supercharger, nitrous, and exhaust. After you install all three parts you can upload the specs on the vehicle. After your have finished talk to Scooter to complete the mission.

Mission 6: Core Collection

Marcus: Collect Lance energy cores for Marcus

Rewards: XP and cash

Mission Briefing

Hello! With the Crimson Lance in the area there is a great opportunity for us. Their armor has these special energy cores inside them. A top secret piece of Atlas technology. Targue, Maliwan, and Hyperion are always on the lookout for them. If you bring some to me there is a lot of dough in it for you.

Run to Marcus in T-Bone Junction. This mission is pretty straightforward. As you fight off the Crimson Lance be sure to check their dead bodies for cores: 50 power cores, 25 speed cores, and 100shock cores. Once you find all the cores during your adventure return to Marcus to complete the mission.

Mission 7: You’ve Got Moxxi: Roadblock

Scooter: Clear the Crimson Lance roadblock.

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Take the highway out of T-Bone junction and follow the road to the right to get to The Crimson Tollway. Follow the road and boost over the ramp when there is a break in the highway. Use your guns and rockets on your vehicle to take out the Lancer Probes that come at you and an enemy vehicle that try to stop you.

It won’t take long to get to the roadblock. Shoot any enemies on the road then head up the stairs on the right side. Cross the bridge over the street killing troops as you go. Move all the way to the lower walkway to the south. Take out troops on the ground and rocketeers in the sky as you go.

Move west all the way to the end and head up the stairs on the right to get to an upper walkway. Follow it to the right and down more stairs. Make a left and head across the bridge over the highway below. Halfway across the bridge stop in the room and activate the controls on the wall to turn off the barrier blocking the road below.

Drop down to your vehicle and head through the now open roadway. As you do you complete the mission and get your next one.

Mission 8: You’ve Got Moxxi: Moxxi’s Red Light

Scooter: Meet With Moxxi to find the informant.

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

With the roadblock taken care of your route is clear. It’s time to head out to Moxxi’s Red Light to find the mysterious informant who can help you deal with Atlas and the Crimson Lance.

Continue down the road and you will see more Lancer Probes and an enemy vehicle. Stopping to engage them can be deadly so just gun it down the highway. Use the median and the roadblocks along the way as cover from than Lancer vehicle. Eventually you get to the entrance to Deep Fathoms.

Drive down the highway and take the first off ramp on the right to get to the land below. Avoid the enemy vehicles and head to the southeast following the arrows pointing in the direction you need to go. Follow the path as it curves around to the left and into a run down fort.

Quickly drive through the fort and straight onto the on ramp back up to the high way. When you get to the top you’ll have to exit your vehicle and go forward on foot. Take out the bandits that get in your way. After you get past the debris blocking the road head to the shack on the left side of the road. Activate the speaker box on the side of the door.

After you hear Moxxi head through the door and head inside. Speak to Moxxi behind the bar to complete the mission.


Walkthrough - Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Outpost Tartarus Station

After you get to this new territory follow the trail up the mountain to your left. Head into the shack you find at the top of the mountain to find Dr. Tannis. Talk to her to get a new mission.

Mission 1: Are You From These Parts?

Tannis: Bring Tannis some claptrap parts.

Rewards: XP and cash

Mission Briefing

Patricia Tannis needs parts to build her magnificent…something. Head down to the Hyperion Dump and search the scrapped claptraps for parts and bring them back to her.

Looks like you need to get the good Dr. some spare parts for whatever totally legit project she is working on. Exit out the other door of Tannis’ shack and make a left. Access the entrance to Hyperion Dump.

At the dump you have to find five different Clap-Components. Use your map feature to help you locate the parts.

Part 1:
Follow the trail to the right and you will see a sign with trouble written upside down pointing you in the right direction. Walk up the small hill and take out the large laser sighted gun that starts shooting at you from the tower ahead. Follow the path to the left then left again at the next split in the trail. You will go up a hill and move passed a large metal fort. Take out the goons that get in your way then go down the hill just passed the fort. As you go down the hill head to the right side and onto a metal walkway. Keep follow the walkway up and to the right until you get to the first piece.

Part 2:
Return to the trail and continue to follow it down to the bottom. When it dead-ends follow it to the right. Take out the bad guys that get in your way then go up and over the metal fort blocking the way. Run to the back of the shack along the south wall to find the next part.

Part 3: Backtrack to the large laser sighted gun you destroyed on the way to part one. Climb up and over the metal tower and walkway it was on. Drop to the ground and grab the third component you need.

Part 4:
Head north back to your starting location. Continue to head north following the left side of the trail. This leads you right to the fourth component sitting in a small pool of water.

Part 5
Continue along the current trail heading to the northeast. Move passed some burning tires and up a small hill. At the top is a small fort. Take out the deadly claptraps and super soldiers swarming the area, Head inside the fort and run to the back left corner to find the final component. Head back to Tannis for your reward.

Mission 2: Fight for Your Right to Part-E

Tannis: Get some more claptrap components for Tannis.

Rewards: XP, cash, and shield

Mission Briefing

Tannis needs some more parts to complete her creation’s Infinite Improbability Drive. If you can’t find any lying around, just rip them out some claptrap spines.

Head back to the super soldier fort in Hyperion Dump. Looks like those crazy claptraps are turning the local inhabitants into machines. Take them out. When you get to the fort make your way slowly around the left of it. Don’t rush in too fast because those clap traps will swarm you. Always be prepared to retreat back the way you came to regroup yourself and make sure none of those little buggers gets behind you. Watch for the clasp traps to come out of the walls surrounding the fort and you move forward.

Once an area is secured you can collect the loot on the ground including the parts Tannis needs. After you collect 42 parts head back to Tannis to complete the mission.

Mission 3: New Contact

Blake: Meet with Blake at Tartarus Station

Rewards: XP

Mission Briefing

Hyperion VP. Mr. Blake wants to meet the crew that ‘accidently’ slaughtered his recon team. Whoops. Find him at Tartarus Station.

After you accept your second mission from Tannis, you get a message from Blake. He wants you to meet him. Head into the large silo just outside Tannis’s door and head down the stairs. Activate the switch on the wall at the bottom to open a door. Follow the pathway then head down some stairs and into the city.

Keep going southeast passed the mission board until your path is blocked by a large wall. Head up the nearby stairs and cross the tracks and you will see a large welcome sign. Head into the building under the sign and speak to Mr. Blake to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Burnin’ Rubber

Marcus: Collect six good looking tires for Marcus.

Rewards: XP and cash

Mission Briefing

Those lousy rustbuckets have stolen Marcus’ bus tires! Go to the Hyperion Dump and find six good looking tires. It’s time to spruce this old girl up.

Tire 1:
Head back to the Hyperion Dump. Head for the fort where you found the laser sighted gun during mission 1. Destroy the gun again then follow the walkway through the fort to the south There you will find the first tire.

Tire 2:
Follow the trail you used to get the first Clap-Component in mission one. After you pass the large fort and head down the hill this time stay along the left side of the trail. Move up the walkway you find and follow it until you get your next tire.

Tire 3:
Follow the trail to the shack where you found the second Clap-Component in mission one. After you get to the shack follow the trail to the left. You won’t go far until you meet up with some bad claptraps. Stay back and put them down. When the coast is clear head forward. Look to the right of the trail and you will see a broken beam forming a ramp for you to walk up. Sprint and jump to another beam in the center of the trail. From there you can cross the beam to get the next tire.

Tire 4:
Backtrack your way to the hill you came down to find the first tire. Head up the hill and then up the ramp leading to the large fort. There you will find the next tire.

Tire 5:
Exit the fort and head south. Follow the trail as it curves to the southeast. When you see the save point turn right to follow a new narrow trail to the west. At the end of the trail is the fifth tire.

Tire 6:
Head back to the fort where you first encountered the enemy claptraps. As you go up the hill leading to the fort in the distance look to the right side of the path for a bulldozer. In the front part of the scoop is the last tire you need. Grab it and return to Marcus to complete the mission.

Mission 5: Spa Vs. Spa

Hyperion Tourist Information Board: Cut Power to the Pipp Inn spa.

Rewards: XP and cash

Mission Briefing

Sal, the owner and proprietor of the illustrious Hostel Sal, is sick and tired of losing customers to those dirtbags over at the Pipp In Spa. Stealing the Pipp Inn’s power source oughta put a damper on their sauna…figuratively speaking.

Head south from the mission board and onto the railroad tracks. Jump down to the ground on the other side and you will see the inn in the distance. Run up the stairs along the left side and continue along the walkway until you find some stacked boxes. Jump up the boxes to get to a higher walkway.

Follow the walkway to the right and jump up some steps to get to the roof. There you will find the power source on a large tank. Grab it then return to the mission board to claim your prize.

Mission 6: Like Shootin’ Rakk In A Barrel

Hyperion Tourist Information Board: Reactivate the gun turrets to clear out the bandit camp.

Rewards: XP and cash

Mission Briefing

A horde of bandits has blocked off the pass to Sanders Gorge. How can you possible take them out? Oh look! Huge freaking gun turrets! Fix those turrets and sick’em on the bandits.

From the mission board head to shack where you met Mr. Blake. Run down the steps to the right of the shack just passed the railroad tracks. Once on the ground below follow a passage way the heads under the shack with Mr. Blake. There you will find your first component.

Head back up to the tracks and follow them to the west. When you get to a gate blocking your way follow a small path to the right to find the next turret component.

Follow the tracks to the east and move under the large Tartarus sign. Just after the sign follow some steps on the right side of the path that lead down then continue down a ramp. Head to the south and you will find some boxes on the ground. Grab the last component on the other side.

Head back to the small passage way where you found the first component. Near the entrance you will find a steep staircase leading down. Follow the stairs down to get to the lower area of Tartarus Station. Run in between the buildings in front of you then follow the path to the left. Eventually you will find some stairs leading to the roofs of the building on the left. Follow the rooftops to the west until you can’t go any further. Climb the boxes stacked along the wall to get to the top most rooftop and you can activate the first turret.

Drop down to the main roof top and back track the way you came to the east. Cross a small bridge and use some more boxes stacked along the wall to get to another small rooftop. There you can activate the second turret.

Drop down to the main rooftop again and continue heading to the east until you find a large water tank. Do a running jump to get to the next rooftop. Use some barrels on the side of the roof to get to a smaller rooftop above you. There you can activate the third turret. Back track to the mission board to claim your prize.

Mission 7: Operation Trap Claptrap Trap…

Blake: Turn on the power to lower the bridges.

Rewards: XP, cash, and shield

Mission Briefing

Hyperion-brand claptraps are going haywire and are assimilating Pandora. Time for a little corporate restructuring. Locate the power plant in Sanders Gorge and restore power to lower the bridges for your glorious counter- revolution.

After you finish the “Rakk in a Barrel” mission head into Sanders Gorge from the lower area of Tartarus Station. Once in the gorge follow the trail leading straight ahead. When you get to a split in the trail you see an arrow pointing to the left. Instead head up the right trail.

A short ways in you will see a high trail off to the left so jump up and take that route. Blast the larvae and Claptraps that attack you. At the end of the trail you will find some run down shacks and more enemies for you to kill.

After the area is secure run up the ramp to the right. This leads you to a large domed area. Look up and take out some flying creatures before they drop on your head. Head through the area keeping the cave wall on your left. Eventually you will see a narrow tunnel in the wall for you to enter.

When you get to the T intersection head right. When you will get to a little fort in your way take out the enemies you find. Once the area is clear follow the tunnel to the northwest to find another small fort. Take out any bad guys you find and follow the trail to the right.

You get to another large cavern guarded by some laser sighted guns. Use the beams and metal structures near the entrance as cover while you take out those guns from long range. Be on the look out for any Claptraps that charge your location.

After you take out all three guns you can move forward. In the distance you can see the power plant. Keep moving forward and blast the guards on the ground. After you pass the main gates to the facility climb some stairs on the side of the building to your right. Follow the walkway at the top until you find a control panel you can activate.

This opens the door against the far cave wall. Move into the power plant destroying all those that try to stop you. Once inside head to the right. When the hallway comes to an end you will see an elevator open up on the left side of the room. Enter the elevator and take it for a ride.

At the bottom of the ride you find a large room and General Knoxx Trap. He is a big bad fighting machine. After you enter the area quickly get behind one of the nearby pillars to get some protection between you and him. Expose yourself a little bit so he sets up and starts firing in your direction.

Once he starts firing at you he is stationary for a little while. Get back behind cover and peak out just a bit so you can see his foot. Blast away at his foot while he is in one place.

Once he is on the move again you will have to get him to fire at you again so he remains stationary for you to continue your attack. While you are fighting him be on the lookout for Claptraps that come to assist him. Break off you attack on Knoxx to quickly dispense of the new threat. Just make sure to stay behind the pillar to keep as cover.

After you defeat Knoxx and all the claptraps resupply you ammo from the ammo crates around the area. Head for some stairs in the west wall and follow to another room. Load up on supplies from the lockers. Next head to the back of the room and activate the green panel to restore power to the facility.

A door opened on the west side of the room for you to exit. Run across the narrow bridge and onto a dirt area. A large Rakk attacks from the skies so keep your eyes sharp and take him out. Run across the area and up another bridge to the south.

Follow the next pathway to get to an enemy fort. Take out the enemies then drop to the trail below and head west. When the trail splits head left and follow the path to the exit. Make your way back to Blake for your reward.

Mission 8: Parts is Parts

Tannis: Get even More claptrap components for Tannis.

Rewards: XP, cash, and grenades

Mission Briefing

Tannis needs more parts to ensure the protection grid holds on her device’s ecto-containment unit, safeguarding against total protonic reversal, which would be extraordinarily bad.

Tannis needs even more Clap-Components. Head back into the Hyperion Dump and make your way to the fort where you found that last bunch of claptraps. Keep blasting them to little bits and collecting the parts you need. Be sure to stay a safe distance so none of those things can sneak up behind you and really put the hurt on you. After you collect 75 parts return to Tannis for your reward.

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