As promised, here's the second half of our DmC walktrhough series. Missions 11 through 20, ready to go!

Mission 11 - The Order

After the cutscene, use your new Aquila on the Stygians in the alley.

New enemy: Butcher. Attack the glowing orange ball at its core. You won’t be able to damage the Butcher from the sides or back. These things start to burn as they near death. Once they die, they go out with a bang. Stay away.  

After the Butcher and a few Stygians, OAL up from the lowest OAL grip upward. Use the on-screen tip to break the blue door and OAL through.

Break the red door with Eryx. Use Divinity if you need, then Eryx through the ground. Destroy the blue vine door with Osiris or Aquila, and BEFORE DROPPING DOWN, destroy the blue vine door across from you. djABe across for a small vital star and some red leeches. Then drop down.

Before using Eryx to break the red door, release the lost soul in this room.

Move on after the real world cutscene and Eryx through the ground. Before Eryxing through the door, kill the red leeches in this room.

Drop down to face the Butcher and Stygians. Throw the Aquila to keep Stygians stunned, then finish them off with Eryx combos. This is a good combination. Keep an eye on the Butcher, who now uses a few ranged attacks for you to jump over. Work at his orange weak point, and evade if you feel an attack coming.

A Witch and Tyrant are next. Charge up Aquila against the Witch like the on-screen tip recommends. Once weakened, you can take out the Witch with a few Eryx combos without her ever recovering.   

After the Arena Battle, break the green leeches and move on through the doors opened by the real world SWAT.

Take an immediate left at the round room for a lost soul.

Arena Battle against Stygians and Shielded Bathos.

Aquila the blue vine door, then OAL up for another Arena Battle. It starts with two Demon Shards; shoot them quick! Then we’ve got Shielded Bathos, Stygians, and Ravagers.

After the Arena Battle, move downhill and hug the wall right to find a lost soul. Then explore the whole left wing, breaking down red doors to find lost souls and red leeches. There’s also a Copper Door here, though you’ll only find its key later in the mission.

Move back to the center and move along the main path. Keep an eye on your right. There’s a dark side-room with a lost soul.

Take a left to follow the path downhill, then an immediate left for some red leeches. Turn back around and keep going downhill. Follow this path to find the Copper Key. Defeat the Ravager and, if you’re feeling up to it, backtrack to the Copper Door in the left wing. It’s worth it, as full completion of this mission is pretty easy.

Make your way all the way back to where you found the Copper Key. Hope you dropped some breadcrumbs.

Before following the SWAT downhill, move up the stairs to the left for a Small Devil Trigger Star. Then follow them down.

Arena Battle against Stygians and a Butcher. The Butcher’s attacks can actually cut down the Stygians. Fun! Defeat the Butcher and break the green leeches on the wall before moving on.

New enemy, though he’s unintroduced! This is a good time to use Devil Trigger.

Once the ninja disappears, break the green leech and move on to the Kat cutscene.

Mission 12 - Under Siege

After the cutscene, follow Kat in the real world. ODP Kat’s graffiti circles and follow her.

After the "close call’ cutscene, follow Kat upstairs. After the executions cutscene, ODP the electronics onto SWAT guy.

Follow Kat to find Vergil. Defeat the Butcher, using the on-screen tip if you like (sending his blades back). Or not. This Butcher is like every other.

Arena Battle against Ravagers and Stygians. Careful, you can get knocked off this big central platform. Knocking Ravagers off is always good! Round Trip (Aquila move) is great for keeping Ravagers stunned. There are green leeches on the walls. Use them when you’re not full on health. Also, you can shop at the Divinity anytime throughout this long Arena Battle.  Devil Trigger is also of big help.     

New enemy: Rage Spawn. Perfect for charged Round Trip. Angel Burst away from the pack twice and hurl that move at them.

Shoot up those Demon Shards.

New weapon: Revenant. Yes, it’s a shotgun!

Use the Revenant against the new Demon Shards. Also use it against the pack of Rage Spawn that come next. Knocking them into the hole in the middle of the platform is good too, though don’t fall in yourself.

You’re almost done. Stygians and Harpies are next. Then twin Rages! Knock them off the edge or into the middle!

You’re done, and it’s another 100% completion by default mission! That kind of makes up for the bummer cutscene, right?

Mission 13 - Devil’s Dalliance

Mundus cutscene, in which he betrays that he still doesn’t know that Vergil is a Nephilim.

Boss battle: Lilith.

Straight to business. Be careful of the Knight’s shield. It can send your Aquila back at you! Round trip (Aquila move) is a great way of keeping Stygians stunned.

As the nightclub expands in Limbo, charge up a Round Trip. Release it as soon as you see the two Harpies and Tyrant. Do this again right after defeating the Tyrant (it’s efficient!).

More Stygians and Ravagers are next.

After these, you’ll find yourself on a new platform, Lilith’s gauntlet. Turn right around as Lilith and Dante talk, and jump up to find red leeches and a lost soul. Then djABe across the right side of the gauntlet for a Gold Key.

Move up to the "prow" of the gauntlet. Eryx the big red play button on the ground to begin Lilith’s challenge. On red tiles, hold R to go unhurt. On blue ones, hold L.

You’ll have two paths before you. Take the right one (jumping across different colored tiles) to find a lost soul.

Go back to the middle, and onward to the big red platform.

Round 1. Stygians. Should be easy. Just mind the shifting tiles (most are neutral, and the pattern is predictable).

Eryx the play button again.

djABe across the buoyed shapes to get to Round 2.

Round 2. 30 seconds to kill Lilith’s minions (two Shielded Bathos and two Stygians). Just ODP the flyers until you bring them down to you, and combo them with Eryx! As for the Stygians, use a quick Round Trip on them before using Eryx again.

Eryx the next play button. You have two paths before you. Take the upper one first, as it culminates in a Small Vital Star (jump across cubes and hit a play button to get it).

From this higher ground, djABe down to the big platform at the end of this section. Round 3 awaits.

Round 3. Two Ravagers and a Death Knight. The tiles switch colors a little more quickly here. It’s still a regular pattern though.

Eryx the play button on the ground. Release the lost soul in this room before moving on to Round 4.

Round 4. Take the on-screen tip (and tell me you unlocked Fireworks). Using Round Trip between Fireworks is highly effective to defeat the Rage Spawn.

Moving on. Eryx the play button to reveal two teal paths. Take either one. They lead you through small challenges with a Frost Knight and Hell Knight. Complete these and Eryx the play buttons to continue along the teal path.

Round 5. The ninja is back. Devil Trigger not a bad idea. Eryx the play button once he disappears. Eryx the play button and go up the red stairs. Use Divinity if you need.  

From here, you can drop down to find a silver door. There was no silver key to find in this level. You can only open this door with a previously held silver key.

Angel Burst through the main path. Eryx the play button to unfold a golden path. Follow it in either direction.

Round 6.

New enemy: Ghost Rage. Only Angel attacks work on this thing. Stun it with Round Trip and chop it up with Osiris. For an utterly nasty-looking combo, hit it with a charged Round Trip, then switch to Osiris and use Prop.

New enemy: Blood Rage. Yup, only Demon attacks on this one.

You’ll face one of each next (another contrasting pair). Don’t worry. Keep the Ghost Rage busy with the occasional round trip, and work on the Blood Rage with whatever Demon weapon you prefer.

Once one is dead, the other will start doing spin attacks as usual. Just avoid these and defeat it. You’re done!

Mission 14 - Last Dance

Enjoy this cutscene... if you can.

Boss battle: Mundus’ Spawn.

Send Round Trips from the start. Then find the OAL grips on its left side. Once you’ve damaged it enough, the Spawn’s forehead will become an OAL grip. OAL up and attack. Eryx is always good. Dodge the Spawn’s attacks with double jump and evade.

Once the Spawn’s health is halfway done, you’ll get to ODP Lilith out and beat her up for a bit. Ugh, it’s really unclear who’s the mother here considering Lilith is tethered to the Spawn. Anyway, deal as much damage as you can here! Hold Y with Eryx if you’ve invested in that move!

Rinse and repeat. Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Spawn, ODP Lilith out again and combo her.

The lighting will change, and the Spawn’s weak spot will switch around from an OAL grip to a ODP one.

Whenever the Spawn disappears, charge up a Round Trip.

This is a long fight. Do not let your Devil Trigger go unused, especially when the bar is full. Devil trigger mode will make you deal more damage, take less, and most importantly, it will heal you.

Mission 15 - The Trade

After the cutscene, clear the way for Vergil and Kat. OAL across and ODP the shipping container out of the way.

OAL across and Eryx the red circle twice.

OAL across (you’ll have to Angel Burst between OALs at times).

Defeat the Ravager and two Stygians. Try knocking the Ravager into the black water for a quick kill.

After the combat, be quick. Get across the black water and ODP the propeller blade.

The next sequence involves some car surfing. Jump away from the truck you’re on immediately, Angel Burst towards the OAL grips and use them. Angel Burst again between certain OAL grips to make it across.

Before helping Vergil and Kat across for the last time, move right and destroy the blue vine door quickly for a Small Vital Star. Then go back and ODP the bus. Move across, ignore the Stygians, and use Eryx on the red pillar.

Mission 16 - The Plan

As soon as you hit the concrete, run forward. You’ll have to double jump, Angel Burst, and OAL your way across. There are Angel Rings to boost through as well.

New enemy: Elite Stygian. Sure, they’ve got more hit points. You can still stun them with Round Trips, or knock them off for fast kills. The Witch that appears can also transfer her shield to them. That’s new.

After this fight, ignore the next squad and move for the entrance as Kat urges.

New enemy: Dreamrunner. You encountered this guy before, he just has a name now. Don’t overdo the Round Trips. He can send them back to you for damage. Keep your offensive varied. When he opens a portal to disappear/reappear, just double jump and evade his spinning attack. Use Devil Trigger if in trouble.

There’s a green leech on the wall here, too.   

Proceed on the ground floor. Use the Divinity if you like, once the cutscene is up.

Break the red door before entering the elevator! There are two red leeches here, as well as a lost soul and a Small Vital Star.

Go back up and get in the elevator.

After the cutscene, follow Kat’s directions; move right.    

Defeat the Ravager and two Stygians.

Move on and take a left into the laser room.

After the cutscene, move onward to Floor 87.

After the cutscene, fight the Dreamrunner again. Don’t worry too much about the on-screen tip (called Ping-Pong).

Move into the room on the left, and shoot down the Demon Shard that appears. The Revenant is best for this.

Leave the room and OAL up to the next floor.

Move on to fight twin Rages.

Defeat them and get back in the elevator.

Once you step out, take a left for an Arena Battle.

After the Arena Battle, move in the direction you DIDN’T come from and shoot up those Demon Shards.

Proceed to encounter two Ghost Rages.

Once you’ve defeated them, find the room with vertical rivers of fast-moving boxes. You’ll also see a Gold Key. Move through once the river has cooled down. There’s a lost soul here, too.

To get to the next floor, jump up on the detached room. Then OAL up to the next floor.

Move through the open doorway. Run, double jump and Angel Burst to avoid getting crushed by the walls.

Take a right and defeat the three Elite Stygians.

Move on and take a U-turn right. In what is the center of this floor plan, you’ll find a small metal pathway between two rectangles of bright light. Jump to it and take a left. You’ll find the building’s stairwell. Run up to release a lost soul. Run all the way back down to find a golden door.

OAL across. If you fail and fall, just hit start and select "Restart from Checkpoint" and try again. You’ll have to go through the Elite Stygians again, however.

Enjoy the cutscene before facing that old sci-fi trope: a field of red lasers. For the first set, jump over and Angel Burst past two, then short hop and Angel Burst past the last one. If you make it through this mission without getting hit by a laser, you’ll get an achievement for it.

Square off against the Dreamrunner. For a great easy kill, knock him into the laser field (the one you came from is closer).

djABe over the second set of lasers. Turn left against Kat’s directions for a lost soul. Then turn back.

Use Divinity if you need. Proceed to the cutscene with Vergil.

New weapon: Kablooey. Without upgrades, you can send out up to four darts. When you use detonate, they’ll all pop.

Take a left out of the elevator and use Kablooey according to the tutorial.

Use Kablooey on the Pathos.

Go straight against Kat’s directions (not right) for a lost soul. Then go back.

djABe across.

Take a right and destroy the blue vine door. Loot the room, leave and turn right. There is a Copper Door here, though no Copper Key in this mission.

Get in the elevator.

You’ll step out to a Arena Battle against three Harpies and a Tyrant. The Kablooey works pretty well on the Tyrant, though again you need to target the backside.

New enemy: Drekavac. This guy isn’t much different from the Dreamrunners. Watch his portal move, and keep your attacks varied.

After defeating the Drekavac, djABe and OAL across quickly. When you get to the shipping container, you might slip. Just jump forward and OAL again.

Mission 17 - Furnace of Souls.

djABe across the obsidian-like platforms. Obviously, don’t jump across when the crazy red hell-haze is flowing between platforms. You have two paths, left and right. On the right path, you’ll soon fight a contrasting pair of Knights. Keep the Frost one busy with Round Trip, and knock the Hell one out. Then knock the Frost one out.

At the end of the right path is a Small Vital Star. Use it and OAL across.

Arena Battle against  a Butcher and a few Elite Stygians. Another Butcher and a Witch are next. Defeat them.

From the position you came onto this platform, take two rights to find a lost soul. There are green and red leeches around, too.

Move onward. djABe, OAL and ODP across. Once you get to the broad, layered platform, head right. OAL across and get the Ivory Key behind the blue vine door.

Head back to face a Ravager and Hell Knight. Defeat them and move on, OALing and ODPing in quick succession. Avoid the red hellfire! It deals heavy damage.

Once at the platform with a Divinity, you won’t be able to visit it again. OAL across to fight two Stygians. There’s a lost soul to the right of where you first land on the platform. After the Stygians, ODP the platform out. Wait for the hellfire to subside and djABe across quickly! A Gold Door awaits.

Get back to the big platform and proceed. Be quick to avoid hellfire. If you’re on a stable (i.e. horizontal) platform, it won’t damage you.

Before going up and through the blue vine door, turn back and jump right for a Large Devil Trigger Star.

ODP across to the big platform and Arena Battle against another Witch and Tyrant combo. Avoid the perma-hellfire flowing around the platform. After them is a Dreamrunner and Tyrant, and a Witch and Dreamrunner. Not a bad time for Devil Trigger, and there are green leeches around too.

After the battle, OAL chain up. At the first platform you get to, look behind the obsidian pile for a lost soul. Then OAL chain up and away. At the small platform, OAL one more time and you’re done.

Mission 18 - Demon’s Den

After the sibling rivalry cutscene with Vergil, step forward.

From the center, you can see a Small Vital Star at the end of one shallow tunnel. Get it.

As Vergil explains, you’ll have to explore each of the four tunnels. Facing the big teal portal at a distance, let’s go with the closer tunnel on the right first.

Make your way along and get to the weird globe with a red bottom. Get to the other side of the red thing and ODP it. Defeat the Witch, Bathos, and Stygians that appear. Avoid the now-spinning globe.

Before you leave, look around for the lost soul up high. Jump up the platforms to it.

Go back to the central room. Facing the big teal portal at a distance, go down the far right tunnel, adjacent to the one we just did.

There’s an opening with a Silver key above the main path here. Hug the walls and hop onto the small obsidian ledges. They’re on the right wall if you’re facing the globe room. These allow you to jump up. Grab the key and go back down to the globe.

ODP the globe at the end of the tunnel. Defeat the Butcher and Stygians. The Stygians seem to keep coming until the Butcher is destroyed.

Equip the Revenant. Go back to the central room. On your way out, you’ll have to shoot some Demon Shards.  

In the central room and facing the big teal portal at a distance, go down the far left tunnel, adjacent to the one we just did.

This tunnel will take you to an open area. Hug the wall right and Angel Burst down for a lost soul. Keep going in this direction for a Silver Door.

Proceed to the big room that holds another globe. ODP it and defeat the Stygians, Shielded Bathos, and Dreamrunner that appear.

Equip the Revenant and make your way back to the central room. Shoot down the Demon Shards.

Once in the central room, proceed through the last tunnel. You’ll get to an area with OAL grips. Before descending, look right and djABe across to the lost soul.

Jump downward and ODP the last globe. Defeat the twin Rages. You can knock them off!

Equip the Revenant and make your way back to the central room. Shoot down the Demon Shards.

Back in the central room, you’ll have to align the four pillars you’ve finished assembling.

It’s a puzzle! The game’s first, really. Stomp (Eryx move) the red circles to spin the symbols around. Some real Fifth Element stuff. Or... I guess we’re back down to four. Just experiment. You’ll notice that when the symbols are positioned at the center of the overall circle, they can be brought into the orbit of another gear.  

Pep talk cutscene with Vergil.

Mission 19 - Face of the Demon

Long cutscene where you meet Mundus. Listen to his take on sociology, who’s the real monster here blablabla. Vergil’s actions make Limbo and the Real World superpose.

Boss battle: Mundus

OAL chain across to survive.

In this perma-Devil Trigger mode, OAL chain up and ODP Mundus’ eye.

After the cutscene, ODP the car out of the way and move on. ODP the bus.

Use Eryx and then the Arbiter on the two red doors.

After Vergil is consumed, OAL chain to the right.

Fight Mundus. Each of his fists has its own health bar, so try focusing your damage output. Avoid its attacks as best you can, and OAL to its hands to close the distance and maximize time. After he pukes, OAL to the safer platform.

Use Angel Burst to avoid hand attacks. Evade the golden spheres he launches at you. Jumping doesn’t seem to work as well. Just wait for the last moment and use evade. He’ll puke again after a while. OAL to the safer platform.

Once you’ve destroyed one of his limbs, ODP his eye. OAL to the safer platform.

ODP Mundus’ second eye.

The limbless Mundus will rain golden spheres on you. Use evade, then OAL to its gaping mouth (optional) and do combos. Rinse and repeat.

Done! And it’s another completion 100% by default mission.

Mission 20 - The End

Uh oh. Cutscene revealing Vergil’s true colors. He has a point. Humans kind of suck.

Fight Vergil. Kind of cool: the "bad" guy is blue, the "good" one red.

Treat Vergil like a stronger Dreamrunner. Some combos do damage, some are blocked. It seems arbitrary. Keep moving, throw Round Trips, and try combos. Thousand Stabs is an effective move. If you Game Over here, it means starting the duel back from the beginning. Use Vital Stars as needed to stay alive.  

When Vergil accumulates holographic blue swords, break them by sending Round Trips. Any damage dealt to Vergil will break these swords. You can also evade them.

After the third short cutscene, lightning appears. Vergil will send you his sword spinning horizontally. You can parry this to send it back. More importantly, keep moving and attacking.

After you’ve dealt more damage, Vergil will split into two. Keep attacking the real Vergil. Soon the copy will disappear.

Eventually the real Vergil will fall to his knees, and his copy will reappear, blocking anything you throw at the real Vergil. Don’t bother. Attack the copy to gain Devil Trigger. Vergil will heal up, but finish him off while in Devil Trigger mode. Done!

Enjoy the making-of video along with the credits.  

You’ve unlocked Son of Sparda (difficulty mode)