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Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack Now Available For Download

Published 1 year, 7 months ago by Robert Workman

Double Dragon Neon, Majesco's reboot of the popular side-scrolling beat-em-up franchise, is now available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. And to use an 80's term, it's gnarly.


But one huge component to the game is its soundtrack. Put together by Jake Kaufman, it takes familiar themes from the classic Double Dragon series and mixes in some inspired 80's tunes for good measure. Now you can listen to it whenever you want.


Kaufman is offering the soundtrack on his official web page and you can "name your price" to download all the tracks, including the special Mixtape intros (including one inspired by Rick Astley!). We didn't mind handing over a few bucks and chances are you won't either when you listen to all the awesome it has to provide. You can sample all the tracks as well, so you have an idea what you're in for.


Check out the soundtrack at the link below and don't forget to give the game a try for download as well. It's free for PlayStation Plus users to boot. Can't beat that!


Link: http://virt.bandcamp.com/album/double-dragon-neon

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