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Solstheim Regional Activities


Optimal Activity Start

The following activities are available during your time exploring Solstheim. Think of them as a subsection of Side Quests specific to these settlements.


Cross-Referencing: Do you want to see maps and learn more about the traps, non-quest-related items, collectibles, crafting areas, and other important rooms of note in every location during these quests? Then cross-reference the location you travel to with the information on that location contained in this guide’s Atlas.

Available Activities

There are 16 Regional Activities: 8 in Raven Rock, 2 in Skaal Village, 2 in Tel Mithryn, and 4 at Thirsk Mead Hall. Aside from a few exceptions, most of these tasks are independent of one another and can be completed whenever you encounter them or if you return to either location.

Raven Rock Regional Activities

Quest NameRelated LocationPrerequisites
Solstheim Regional Activity: All Are Welcome* Raven Rock (Bralsa Drel) Complete Dragonborn Main Quest: Cleansing the Stones
Solstheim Regional Activity: Emberbrand Embargo* Raven Rock (Captain Veleth) Complete Solstheim Side Quest: March of the Dead
Solstheim Regional Activity: Jelly from Netch to Fetch* Raven Rock (Milore Ienth) None
Solstheim Regional Activity: Sadri’s Sujamma* Raven Rock (Geldis Sadri) None
Solstheim Regional Activity: Take Your Pick* Raven Rock (Glover Mallory) None
Solstheim Regional Activity: Thievery and the Karstaag Connection* Raven Rock (Glover Mallory) Complete Thieves Guild Quest: Taking Care of Business, and Meet the Family*

Raven Rock Regional Activities

All Are Welcome*


This occurs once Dragonborn Main Quest: Cleansing the Stones has begun and the Earth Stone has been cleansed.

Bralsa Drel is a forlorn Dunmer who is enslaved at the Earth Stone just outside Raven Rock. She mumbles nonsense if you haven’t cleansed this stone and carries rocks around. But after she’s freed (and provided she survives the ensuing Lurker attack), she takes up residence inside the abandoned house in Raven Rock. Visit her and talk to her about her piteous existence. She tells you she’s bad for business after her drinking at The Retching Netch got out of hand. Tell her you’ll talk to Geldis Sadri for her.

  • Miscellaneous Objective: Convince Geldis Sadri to admit Bralsa Drel to the inn

Head to the inn and ask why Bralsa Drel was banned. Sadri tells you he can’t bring himself to watch her drown herself in drink anymore. Reply with one of the following:

(Persuade) That she has the right to do what she pleases.

(Intimidate) That she will be let in, or Sadri will answer to you!

(Gold) Or pay him gold to let her in.

When one of the three plans works, Sadri agrees.

  • Miscellaneous Objective: Tell Bralsa Drel she’s welcome at The Retching Netch

Quest Conclusion

Move back to Bralsa’s location and inform her of the news. She seems a little happier and grants you the following:

  • Leveled item

Emberbrand Embargo*


This occurs once Solstheim Side Quest: March of the Dead has concluded.

Locate Captain Veleth, who usually patrols the main thoroughfare of Raven Rock. Talk to him about the difficulties he has commanding the Redoran Guard, and he speaks of a particularly potent wine and a hidden stash his men have placed somewhere in town. Agree to find it for him.

Skaal Village Regional Activities

A Mother’s Lament*


This occurs once Dragonborn Main Quest: The Fate of the Skaal has concluded.

Speak to Edla, a trader who is usually wandering the village during the day, and she talks about her son. He’s a good lad, but she’s saddened at the prospect of him leaving the village. Tell her you’ll talk to him for her, and she mentions she’d be most grateful.

  • Miscellaneous Objective: Convince Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village

Nikulas is usually nearby, and he’s full of vigor at the idea of adventuring. He’s weary of village life and considers this a meager existence. You have a few options to convince him to stay. You can:

(Bribe) Tell him you’re willing to help him get started, and hand over some gold. In return, he needs to give his mother some more time.

(Intimidate) Tell him the world is dangerous, and he isn’t ready for it.

(Persuade) Ask him why he’s abandoning his mother when she needs him the most.

When one of these options works, Nikulas agrees to stall his exploration.

Tel Mithryn Regional Activities

Elynea’s Ingredients*


This occurs once Solstheim Side Quest: Healing a House has concluded.

Head into Tel Mithryn Apothecary, and locate the owner Elynea Mothren. When she’s not attempting to heal the fungal housing stock of this settlement, she’s in need of particular ingredients for her alchemy. Can you bring back a [random] item for her?

  • Miscellaneous Objective: Locate the [random ingredient] for Elynea Mothren

Thirsk Mead Hall Regional Activities


All four of these activities occur only if you side with Bujold the Unworthy and her motley band of incompetents, and not the Riekling Chief.

A Thirst in Thirsk*


This occurs prior to the completion of either Solstheim Side Quest: The Chief of Thirsk Hall, or Retaking Thirsk.

Visit the embarrassing ragtag collection of tents and Nords at Bujold’s Retreat, and locate Elmus the mead maker. He’s less concerned about the plight of his brethren and more interested in tasting some of that Ashfire Mead that they make at Thirsk. Of course, the place is overrun now, but if you could grab a bottle...

  • Miscellaneous Objective: Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall

Climb the hill and enter Thirsk Mead Hall, which, if neither related quest has begun, does not mean fighting the Rieklings (although you can certainly have a go at them). There are five bottles of Ashfire Mead scattered on the stone floor near the central fire pit. You only need one of them.