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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim V Legendary Edition: Choosing the Correct Attire

Published 1 year, 2 months ago by David Hodgson

What you wear is as important as the blade you carry or the incantation writhing in your palm. As your adventure progresses, you must be prepared for every eventuality, with apparel optimized for the type of character you’re building. The following outfit choices are presented with this in mind. These offer an excellent (and usually cumulative) bonus to a particular skill, and are well worth seeking out.



There are certainly other items from the guide’s inventory that offer similar qualities; if you’re skilled in Smithing or Enchanting, you can craft items that offer better bonuses than those mentioned here, but the following outfits present a good starting point for specific character builds.




Use these examples as a starting point and experiment with combinations of clothing and armor that suit your individual character’s method and play style. Don’t simply equip the most potent item for each type of clothing you wear, but look for ones that work together, “stack” appropriately, and help your mode of play. Wherever the item chosen isn’t potent enough for your liking, vow to enchant your own and add those bonuses instead.




Want to know where to find all of these items? Consult the Inventory, Quests, Appendices, and Index chapters of the Skyrim Legendary Edition guide.

Outfit #1: The Mage

A magician that avoids armor and uses multiple schools of magic.

Headgear (Head): Morokei (+100% Magicka Regen)

Headgear (Neck): Savos Aren’s Amulet (+50 Magicka)
Any of the Dragon Priest (or Dragon Acolyte) masks are good alternate options; wear one that rewards your preferred school of magic. The Aetherial Crown (which retains your previous Standing Stone ability in addition to your currently selected Stone) is also a great pick; use it  with the Lady and Mage Stones, or another suitable combination of powers. For the neck, the Saarthal Amulet (Spells cost 3% less to cast) is another option.

Body: Archmage’s Robes (All spells cost 15% less to cast)
This mage focuses on multiple schools of magic rather than a specific one, so the Archmage’s Robes are a fine choice. If you’re focusing on a single school of magic, pick the College of Winterhold Master Robes (+150% Magicka Regen). Miraak’s Robes (along with his Gloves and Boots, provides up to +25% Magicka Absorption) or Telvanni Robes (+75% Magicka Regen) are other interesting options. For those more interested in armor, Vampire Royal Armor (+125% Magicka Regen) is one to consider.

Hands (Gloves): Mythic Dawn Gloves
Hands (Ring): Ring of the Erudite (+100 Magicka, Regenerate +2 Magicka/second)
The Mythic Dawn Gloves offer nothing but finely-made stitching and design. Miraak’s Gloves (+5% Magicka Absorption) are another great choice, as there are few other items (outside of your own crafted items) that provide a bonus to Magicka Absorption. When worn with his Boots and Robes, Magicka Absorption increases to 25%. As for Rings, there’s little else to place on your fingers that comes close to the Ring of the Erudite, but you’ll first need to become a Vampire Lord in order obtain it.

Boots: Shrouded Boots (Muffle)
Ancient Shrouded Boots and Jester’s Boots also offer this enchantment, but outside of crafting your own, more mage-centric footwear, this is about as good as you’ll get. Movarth’s Boots (Improve Sneak 15%) are another option if you’re prone to stealth and magic. Miraak’s Boots (when worn with his Gloves and Robes) are the other possible option for a true non-armored magician.


For expert-level players, drift away from using non-armored outfits and enchant your own Magicka-regenerating and magic-fortifying armor instead.

Equipment Locations:

  • Morokei: Defeat the Dragon Priest inside [2.24] Labyrinthian.
  • Savos Aren’s Amulet: Reward for completing College of Winterhold Quest: Containment.
  • Archmage’s Robes: Reward for completing College of Winterhold Quest: The Eye of Magnus.
  • Mythic Dawn Gloves: Found in Silus Vesuius’s House, in [3.00] Dawnstar.
  • Ring of the Erudite: Found during Vampire Faction Quest: Rings of Blood Magic.
  • Shrouded Boots: Found in various places, including [8.22] Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: With Friends Like These….

Outfit #2: The Assassin

A skulking form hiding in the shadows, shunning magic, but employing stealth.

Headgear (Head): Cicero’s Hat (Improve Sneak 35%)
Headgear (Neck): The Gauldur Amulet (+30 Health, +30 Magicka, +30 Stamina)
The Nightingale Hood (Improve Illusion) is helpful if you’re using this school of magic with your sneaking. The Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Improve Archery 35%) is excellent if you use bow and arrows. For amulets and the like, Ogmund’s Amulet of Talos (Time between Shouts reduced by 20%) is great if you use Aura Whisper to find foes to assassinate.

Body: Cicero’s Clothes (Improve Prices and One-Handed 20%)
This is a worry if you’re overwhelmed in combat and aren’t relying on Ebonyflesh or a similar spell; so perhaps choose a Light Armor (Dragonscale, for example) if you’re worried about being easily slain. Nightingale Armor (+ Stamina, Resist Frost) is also a possible pick.

Hands (Gloves): Ancient Shrouded Gloves (Double One-Handed sneak attack damage)
Hands (Ring): Nightweaver’s Band (Improve Destruction and Sneak 10%)
The Shrouded Hand Wraps (also double One-Handed sneak attack damage) and Gloves (Backstab does double damage) are also possibilities: the gloves offer armor bonuses, while the wraps offer a variety of weapons to use. With dual-wielded daggers and the Assassin’s Blade Perk, you’re able to inflict 30x damage with a backstab! Nightingale Gloves (Improve Lockpick, One-Handed) also help, but without as potent a bonus. The Nightweaver’s Band is the only Sneak-related ring outside of your own crafting.

Boots: Boots of the Old Gods (Improve Sneak 20%)
Most other boots (the Shrouded Boots, for example) offer Muffle. Decide whether you need this power or want the benefits of increasing your Sneak. The Nightingale set (Armor, Hood, Gloves, and Boots) is leveled, and offers +25 to armor rating if worn together. This is well worth considering.


For expert-level players, try outfits that don’t provide armor rating, and protect yourself with Ebonyflesh or spells of that nature. If you’re planning on using the same armor set, remember you can increase your Light Armor Skill to 70 and take the Matching Set Perk.  For the very best effects, enchant and fortify your own.


Check the Unique Armor section of the guide’s Inventory chapter for items that give you bonuses to your Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpick, or Smithing skills and equip them all when attempting that particular activity.


Equipment Locations:

  • Cicero’s Hat: Found on the corpse of Cicero, during the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
  • The Gauldur Amulet: Reward for completing Side Quest: Forbidden Legend.
  • Cicero’s Clothes: Found on the corpse of Cicero, during the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
  • Ancient Shrouded Gloves: Reward for completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Feeble Fortune.
  • Nightweaver’s Band: Reward for completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: Recipe for Disaster (with bonus).
  • Boots of the Old Gods: Reward for completing Side Quest: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (siding with the Forsworn).

Outfit #3: The Armored Warrior (Light Armor shown)

Skilled in the arts of combat, and ready for battle.

Headgear (Head): Rahgot (+70 Stamina)
Headgear (Neck): The Gauldur Amulet (+30 Health, +30 Magicka, +30 Stamina)
Ideally, you would wear a set of the finest Light Armor (Dragonscale) or Heavy Armor (Daedric), crafted using Smithing and Enchanting. The Hevnoraak Dragon Priest Mask (+40 Heavy Armor) is another option if you’ve chosen to level up Heavy Armor. Check out the Divines Amulets too, particularly Arkay (+10 Health), Kynareth (+10 Stamina), or Talos (Time between Shouts reduced by 20%).

Body: Dragonscale (Light Armor) or Daedric (Heavy Armor)
There aren’t really any unique oddities or otherwise impressive armor sets that can beat a set of the very best armor types that you can purchase, make, and certainly improve using Smithing and enchantments. Usually, other armor (such as the Guild Master’s Armor) adds a Carry Weight bonus.

Hands (Gloves): Dragonscale (Light Armor) or Daedric (Heavy Armor)
Hands (Ring): Enchanted Ring (+20 Health)
Just as with your body armor, nothing beats the very best Light and Heavy Armor types. As for rings, there are few that are directly beneficial to a combat practitioner, so you’re better off enchanting your own. The Enchanted Ring mentioned is available as a quest item.

Boots: Dragonscale (Light Armor), or Daedric (Heavy Armor)
The blacksmiths of Skyrim know their art; there’s little to beat a good set of Dragonscale or Daedric Armor. One possible exception is the Deathbrand set:  Armor (+15 Stamina per Deathbrand item), Boots (+10 Carry Weight per Deathbrand item), Gauntlets (+10% Dual Wielding per Deathbrand item), and Helm (Waterbreathing, +100 Armor if wearing all Deathbrand items). You must be dual-wielding (and enjoy swimming) to fully benefit from the bonuses.

Equipment Locations:

  • Rahgot: Defeat the Dragon Priest inside [9.45] Forelhost.
  • The Gauldur Amulet: Reward for completing Side Quest: Forbidden Legend.
  • Dragonscale Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets: Bought, looted, or crafted.
  • Daedric Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets: Bought, looted, or crafted.
  • Enchanted Ring: One of three to find during College of Winterhold Quest: Under Saarthal. One can be found in Arniel Gane’s Study, too.

Outfit #4: The Devious Crafter

Grab this change of clothes when you want to barter, smith, or pickpocket.

Headgear (Head): Blackguard’s Hood (Prices are 25% better)
Headgear (Neck): Amulet of Zenithar (Prices are 10% better)
What do you do when you want the best prices, the sneakiest methods of obtaining items that aren’t strictly yours, or you need to bolster your Smithing until your Skill reaches the point when some really impressive crafting can take place? Add some of the following items to your character’s inventory! The headgear is particularly well-suited to bartering. The Dragon Priest Masks Krosis (Improve Lockpicking, Archery, Alchemy 20%), or Volsung (Prices are 20% better, Carry Weight +20, Waterbreathing) are also options. Try wearing an Amulet of Articulation (Improve Speech, Persuade checks always succeed) around your neck.

Body: Cicero’s Clothes (Prices are 20% better)
Further improve your buying powers by donning the outfit of a jester. Blackguard’s Armor (+50 Carry Weight) is the only other option if you’re going on a buying spree and need to make it back to your house with a minimum of difficulty.

Hands (Gloves): The Forgemaster’s Fingers (Improve Smithing 15%)
Hands (Ring): Silver-Blood Family Ring (Improve Smithing 20%)
These are the two items to locate before you attempt to construct or improve your favorite weapons and armor. If you’re after mixing ingredients together, try the Ring of Pure Mixtures (Improve Alchemy 12%).

Boots: Blackguard’s Boots (Improve Pickpocket 40%)
This isn’t the only item that improves your Pickpocketing, but it’s certainly the most powerful enchantment aside from your own enchantments.

Equipment Locations:

  • Blackguard’s Hood: Reward for completing Raven Rock Regional Activity: Thievery and the Karstaag Connection.
  • Amulet of Zenithar: Randomly found, although one is available at [6.06] Gjukar’s Monument.
  • Cicero’s Clothes: Found on the corpse of Cicero, during the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
  • The Forgemaster’s Fingers: Reward for completing Side Quest: The Forgemaster’s Fingers.
  • Silver-Blood Family Ring: Reward for completing Side Quest: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (siding with the Silver-Bloods).
  • Blackguard’s Boots: Reward for completing Raven Rock Regional Activity: Thievery and the Karstaag Connection.

Outfit #5: The Archer

Long-ranged takedowns are his specialty. He almost never resorts to melee murdering.

Headgear (Head): Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Improve Archery 35%)
Headgear (Neck): Kyne’s Token (Improve Archery 5%, Damage from Animals -10%)
This Archer isn’t keen on Light Armor that isn’t in keeping with a more rugged, woodsman-like appearance, but he so rarely resorts to close combat he isn’t too concerned about armor ratings. The Archer prefers to improve Archery above all else while upping his skill and perks at every available opportunity. Another option for the neck is The Gauldur Amulet (+30 Health, +30 Magicka, +30 Stamina).

Body: Ancient Shrouded Armor (Resist Poison 100%)
The choice is wide-open here, as any type of Light Armor is fine to use. This one is particularly great if you’re worried about ranged poison attacks. The finest archers see no need for armored protection; a bash with a bow to keep a foe at bay, followed by arrows into their hides, is a better plan of attack.

Hands (Gloves): Gauntlets of the Old Gods (Improve Archery 20%)
Hands (Ring): Nightweaver’s Band (Improve Destruction and Sneak 10%)
A large Archery bonus is a boon for this fellow, but enchanted gear that you make yourself can be even more effective than the recommended Gauntlets. This Archer tends to do a bit of lurking, so an improvement to Sneak is always welcomed.

Boots: Movarth’s Boots (Improve Sneak 15%)
A fine pair of sneaking boots finishes off the ensemble with a flourish.

Equipment Locations:

  • Ancient Shrouded Cowl:  Reward for completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Feeble Fortune.
  • Kyne’s Token: Reward for completing Side Quest: Kyne’s Sacred Trials.
  • Ancient Shrouded Armor: Reward for completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Feeble Fortune.
  • Gauntlets of the Old Gods: Reward for completing Side Quest: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (siding with the Forsworn).
  • Nightweaver’s Band: Reward for completing Dark Brotherhood Quest: Recipe for Disaster (with bonus).
  • Movarth’s Boots: Worn by Movarth the Master Vampire, in [2.20] Movarth’s Lair.

With all of these examples, remember you can fortify two enchantments if you craft your own outfits with the Extra Effect Perk. So, figure out the two Skills you use the most with your character, and start the imbuing!

David Hodgson is the author of the official guide to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Legendary Edition. He has written 92 guides since 1996; eight guides with Bethesda. To call him a Skyrim expert is a serious understatement. Follow David at @DavidSJHodgson


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