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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim V Legendary Edition: Favored Followers

Published 10 months, 2 weeks ago by David Hodgson

After choosing a character that best suits your style of play, you may wish to better your chances during your forthcoming adventures by partnering up with a Follower that complements your archetype. The following footage shows combat situations where the correct choice in companion can influence the tide of a battle. It recommends partners for our five favorite character archetypes. Naturally, you may wish to choose a different type of Follower, as there are no incorrect choices, but some Followers offer far more help depending on your own character’s capabilities.

Favored Followers #1: The Archer

Recommended Follower: The Distractor


Favored Followers #2: The Berserker

Recommended Follower: The Blood Brother


Favored Followers #3: The Necromancer

Recommended Follower: The Corpse-Creator


Favored Followers #4: The Assassin

Recommended Follower: The Backup


Favored Followers #5: The Battlemage

Recommended Follower: The Like-Minded

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