Fable Anniversary: Exclusive Sword Revealed!

Published 1 year, 8 months ago

Today, Prima Games and Lionhead Studios announce the Sword of Strategia and show the first images of this exclusive weapon. The Sword of Strategia is available with the Prima Games Official Fable Anniversary Guide.

Sword of Strategia

"This sword is said to wield incredible combat strategy by the mind of the beholder, this weapon has been used throughout history to turn the tide of war for the commanding army, not to mention helping them find a few Silver Keys on the way." - from Fable Anniversary

Your favorite swords from Fable including Avo's Tear, the Sword Of Aeons, the Harbinger and a host of others, are returning in lovingly-remastered detail in Fable Anniversary. Now, a new sword will join their ranks! 

Preorder your copy of the Prima Games Official Fable Anniversary Guide so you can get your exclusive Sword of Strategia! If you haven't already, be sure to preorder the Fable game now.

Learn more about Fable Anniversary and be sure to follow Prima Games and Lionhead Studios to keep up with the latest news and promotions.

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