Far Cry 3 Island Survival Guide Video Shows All Sorts of Madness

Published 2 years, 11 months ago by Dan Page

Ubisoft has shown off an epic trailer for upcoming trippy open world jungletastic first person shooter Far Cry 3.

The video boasts scenes of beautiful terrain that "houses a thousand years of secrets," and "hundreds of exotic creatures".

There’s little on the story but it’s a visual feast well worth taking a look at and features narration from ex-CIA agent Huntley. Also included are sections of hang gliding, buggying, swimming, shark-punching, stuff blowing up and a tiger attack for good measure.

Far Cry 3 looks great, and is coming December 4th to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We'll have the official guide with everything you'll need to know from the moment the game's released.

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