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343 Industries Begins Pre-E3 Halo 4 Hype

Published 1 year, 10 months ago by Robert Workman

In just a few short days, we’ll be hitting the E3 show floor and seeing everything exciting and new in the game industry.  Among the stuff we’re glancing at is Halo 4, the long awaited follow-up to Master Chief’s saga from 343 Industries.  Today, the company revealed that the game will take prominence at E3…but you already knew that.

"With E3 a mere six days away, we’ve been busy. And that’s an understatement," 343 community manager Jessica Shea announced on the Halo Waypoint.

"343 has several traditions, a few of them being discussing the pros and cons of various archaic recording devices, teabagging each other until the game crashes," she wrote, "and watching all of our trailers and major presentations together, as a team, before revealing them to the world. Yesterday we gathered around the big screen to do the lattermost activity."

"As the lights dimmed and we began watching what you’ll soon be seeing (and playing if you’re attending E3), our excitement level went from a slow simmer to a full, out of control, jumping-out-of-the-pot boil. We’ve been working on our E3 presentation and booth experience for weeks - and the game for years. While the reveals up to this point have been on the small side, we’re excited at the prospect of finally lifting our proverbial skirt and showing you exactly what we’ve got," she continued.

So what exactly will 343 reveal this Monday?  All eyes on the Microsoft stage…


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