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Published 2 years ago by Bryan Dawson

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Jago and Sabrewulf were the only playable characters in the E3 2013 build of Killer Instinct. While Glacius will be playable at Evo, there's no information to share on him. However, in this section you will find move lists for Jago and Sabrewulf that were complete as of E3, as well as additional notes on the attributes and properties of many attacks.

Each character section features a short summary on the strengths of the character, as well as sections for that character's command normal attacks, special moves, combo Openers, Linkers and Enders, as well as their Manual combo chains and Ultra Combo notation.

Note: Because these move lists are based on the E3 build, there may be changes or additional attacks in the updated Evo build. A notation key can be found in the Introduction section of this mini-guide.


Jago is your basic Shoto character. He can zone with his Endokuken projectile and anti-air with Tiger Fury. In addition, he has very strong manual combos, and his Shadow Wind Kick is projectile invincible. The normal Wind Kick is invincible to low attacks, meaning it goes right through low attacks, and he can build meter very quickly when an opponent blocks his Endokuken (four blocked Endokukens will max out your meter). He also has a very fast overhead (B+HP) that can be used as an Opener.


Double Roundhouse - F+HK

Neck Cutter - B+HP (overhead)

Special Moves:

Wind Kick - QCB+K (low invincible)

Laser Blade - QCB+P (beats Wind Kick)

Endokuken - QCF+P (projectile)

Tiger Fury - DP+P (anti-air)


Wind Kick

Laser Blade


MK Wind Kick

MP Laser Blade


HK Wind Kick (wall bounce)

HP Laser Blade (juggle state)

HP Endokuken (max meter gain)

HP Tiger Fury (max damage)


Heavy > Medium > Light

Light > Light

Ultra Combo:

PPP Tiger Fury (DP+PPP)


Sabrewulf is a straight up brawler. He can't do much from a distance, but once he's close, he has great mix-up potential (Hamstring or Jumping Slash as low or overhead Openers, respectively). His Run series of attacks can be used to get in close, but it can be punished on-reaction if you start from too far away and you're fighting an astute opponent. Sabrewulf's dash can also cross-up an opponent, although it has a fair amount of recovery at the end of the animation.


Overpower - B+HP (hold HP to charge; unblockable at max charge)

Special Moves:

Ragged Edge - B,F+P

Eclipse - U,D+P (anti-air)

Run - B,F+K

Hamstring - LP or LK (during Run; crosses up on hit; goes under projectiles)

Jumping Slash - MP or MK (during Run; overhead)

Running Uppercut - HP or HK (during Run; juggle state)


Ragged Edge


Jumping Slash


MP Ragged Edge


Jumping Slash


HP Ragged Edge (wall bounce)

HP Eclipse (juggle state)

Running Uppercut (juggle state)


Mash any button (LP, LP, LP, LP, etc.)

Light > Medium > Heavy

Medium > Heavy

Ultra Combo:

PPP Ragged Edge (B,F+PPP)

Guide Navigation: Introduction | Basic Game Systems - Part 1 | Basic Game Systems - Part 2 | Characters

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