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Favorite Class and Strategy

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by GlenAgar

How I play ME2 with Sniper Adept

My personal favorite class in the Mass Effect series has been the Adept.. In both ME1 and ME2 I get Sniper Rifle Training for him as soon as possible.. (in ME1 I play as a soldier until I get 150 sniper kills)

Sniping is great after knocking an enemy off balance with a Warp or lifting them in the air.

When my enemies get to close, I use a combo of lift(pull) and throw if there is a terrain hazard, like open space.

There are many ways to 'juggle' your enemies as an Adept which makes the class a blast to play.

The drawback to playing an Adept is that they aren't in the least, tanky... So stick to cover.. moving to different cover if your prey tries to flank you after staggering them.

The Adept isn't for everyone.. mainly for those who take the game at a slower pace and not running into the fray blindly.

Have fun scrambling your prey's insides with mass effect fields.

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