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Mass Effect 2 eGuide by JosiahWolfman

learn my personally favorite way to play the game, and what I believe to be: the best way to play.

First off, i will start by saying: yes, I am a paragon type of person, as I'm sure you noticed from the title, but Don't let this throw you off if you enjoyed playing renegade in the first game. To me, renegade is more ascetically pleasing to play, whereas paragon, is more beneficial to the actual storyline. Again, it all depends on the way you like to play: if punching people, throwing people from windows and constantly putting people in their place (whether it be by harsh words or a well placed bullet to the face) is your style, then hey, I don't blame you. I've done about a dozen or so play-throughs of ME2 with various classes and personalities (not to mention some pretty mirror image commander shepherds) and I've found that generally, when your nice to people, you get more conversation options, more friends, and just a more heroic 'feel' in general. If your gonna save the galaxy, then why not be the savior that everyone loves?

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