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Ultimate soldier

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by LineJohansen

I love playing as a femshep soldier

My favourite class is soldier, i love ducking in and out of cover dealing out headshots with my sniper rifle or running straight into the heat of battle with my shotgun. I usually team up with a biotic for those crushing slams or overloads for that perfect shotgun blast and then i like having and engineer with me and letting the combat drone distract the targets long enough for me to line up that perfect headshot then rush into battle and meele the crap out of one while my team gives me covering fire. Playing the soldier class makes me feel like a powerfull leader taking charge on the battlefield and showing my enemies that i am to be feared and respected and showing my teammates that i will go to whatever lengths too save the galaxy and that im not some sissy hiding in the background afraid of getting dirty.

The other way i like to play the soldier class is getting Garrus and Grunt with me and commanding them to the flanks, allowing Garrus to get is sniper on and Grunt providing heavy gunfire to keep the enemies focused elsewhere while i crush enemies with concussive blast and rapid fire with my assault rifle, befor finish the rest with my sniper.

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