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The greatness of the Adept CLass

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by ScientistSalarian

The incredible Adept class of Mass Effect 2

The Adept class of Mass Effect 2 is the greatest class to use for several reasons. It is the farthest away from the now very common shooter classes of other games today. You have the abilities of Warp, Throw, Shockwave, and Pull and then the Class specific power of Singularity. Warp is hands down the most powerful power of any class but when combined with a suspended enemy from a singularity, the results are well....explosive. Pull and singularity are relatively similar in a sense that the suspend enemies in the air but Singularity can hold up to 6 once full upgraded. Shockwave is a biotic pulse that travels through the ground, under cover and hits enemies. The Adept class offers so much more to gameplay than just shooting, you can bend physics to your advantage and Is incredibly fun to use.

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