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Vanguard in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by joe.ruscio

Effective tips on how to vanguard the hell out of pirates, reapers, geth, mercenary squads, and anyone who grinds your gizzard.

I was not initially attracted to the Vanguard class, especially when I began my first play through of Mass Effect 1. I fancied myself a long range attacker. When ME2 rolled around, I changed my cowardly tune to one of brazen badassery. Sniping from afar like some cowardly so and so? NOT ANYMORE! I saw trailers with the Vanguard using the "charge" attack and I could not resist. I thought I would immediately need to situate myself for all close quarters combat, all the time, but this was not the case. The biggest asset to me was leveling up my pistol alongside my shotgun and biotic powers, Specifically the Charge and the Shockwave. Most large ground wars could be effectively managed by picking off the weaker foes and those on the periphery with the pistol from behind cover. A quick full power "freight train" Shockwave could stagger the bigger baddies, giving me a great chance to charge in, shotgun blazing. I would always be sure to reserve my Charge power until i was seeing red, it was always a quick way to buy precious seconds of buckshot blasting time. THE PERFECT STRATEGY. Gosh, I hope it works on gigantic reapers.....

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