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vanguard guide

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by GethprimeM98Wid

playing as pure shotgun wielding aggressive vanguard

Vanguard is very good and very funny class to play,but also very hard especially if you want to take aggressive approach.Vanguard rely on close combat while using biotic powers to disable and stun enemies.When playing vanguard i make heavy use of charge which is vanguard only power.Charge is great power for close combat because it let you hit enemy right in his face and also give you few stun seconds to deal some heavy damage to him especially if you have shotgun in hands in that moment.Along with charge i always use pull power if the enemy has no defense,pull make enemy fly toward you which make him perfect target for your charge power.When i have option to evolve charge,i make it heavy instead of area because heavy charge hit enemy harder and give you more shield strength.Along with all that incendiary ammo is priceless when fighting organic enemies which will panic if they caught on fire.One more important thing for me playing vanguard is to have barrier as bonus power which is good choice since vanguards lack the defense and stack with biotic upgrade you researched.

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