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Fear the Adapt

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by JohnnyWynarczyk

A well-played Adapt can rip through enemy shields and send foes flying helplessly in the air.

For Adapts always go for warp-ammo and make sure you have it selected/active when fighting, this will help take down enemies when your warp power is recharging. Now that your gun is ready to go you will want to take cover, aim and start blasting them with your warp power. When warp is charging fire off some rounds with your gun, pistols work great with warp-ammo or assault rifles, either one will shred their armor and shields down in between your warp power recharge. Now when their shields are down the real fun begins especially if you have group lift leveled up. When I see that enemies no longer have shields I will throw them a lift power and as they float up helplessly I will pick them off with my gun or give them a final throw blasting them to their death. Remember you can’t lift a target or targets (if group lift is leveled up) until you shred their shields. There is nothing like blasting enemies and lifting whole groups into the air and picking them off like helpless little flies. Adapts can’t take much of a direct hit but remember your biotic powers can curve around corners grabbing those enemies who are ducking or hiding undercover. A patient well played Adapt can be a force to be reckoned with and most targets can be killed before they ever come into close contact with you. Rinse, repeat and get creative with your other biotic powers too and make your enemies cry!! Enjoy.

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