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Engineer: Drone combat, Overload and Ennemie's Back Assassination !!

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by JaisonClipet

a good strategy to have easy combat

Engineer class has a good point: Aggro can be devied on other things, to be more effective.

The Combat drone is one of this good weapons of the game, and for me the best asset of the engineer class :

  • Drone combat can be take the aggro on ennemies, especially if it apperas in there back. So, you can shoot in better conditions with less combat rifles on your face!!

  • If you can do a "percussive shot" on ennemies, or singularity with your team members or another things to destabilize all bad guys, they will be a very easy target for you, your team, and The drone, which can be the perfect assination weapon at point blank.

  • Overload is another good thing to "kill" robots and droids, especailly destroying their shields, while the drone take the "Aggro". Easy to shoot all synthetic ennemies faster.

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