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REAL Men only

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by Learnmorehere

The only strategy for a REAL man. If you want to know how the true Shepard really handled the fate Galaxy, read this.

Any class may be chosen for this strategy, but soldiers are best as you don't use any of those fruity powers.

So here it is: GUNS A BLAZING! Run right up to 'em, fearless, as you know their no stopping your masculine might.

Note: this strategy works for female Shepards as well, some men have less balls than female Shepard.

Tips for successful manly action -Get yourself a shotgun, none of those long range daisy picker stuff. -Aim for the head, so you may promptly yell "IN THE FACE!" -Melee is the most BA move, no need for any more guns except for your own macho power -Use minimal cover. Cover is for yellow, limp ninnies. -NEVER use unity. If those girls can't handle the action, leave them behind. You may decide to even chose no one for your party, but then you have no witnesses to brag to later. -Always use shut up the guy the fastest way possible, punch in the face, use some spiteful insult. No one wants to hear the blah blah, let's get stuff done!

If you need anymore tips on how to be man, then good luck saving the galaxy, pansy.

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