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Mass Effect 2: Soldier Strategy

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by GeorgeAustinRobertSmith

Works for me baby!

Your role is to take damage and deal it out.

Skill Points: Full adreneline Rush, specced to take more damage with 70% time dilation.

Squad Cryo Ammo, this helps when fighting multiple enemies especially when Squad Members arent as proficient in combat.

Incendiary ammo Rank 3 - Used for yourself only, making you deal more damage to enemies who have been stripped of shields, also deal more damage to armour.

Shock Trooper - Specced to increase health and take more damage, allowing you to support squad members from further distances, also allowing longer close combat time.

SPECIAL POWER - Fortification - Specced to Increase shields to 100% upon activation, allowing escapes from overwhelming firepower, and able to stay out of cover more and take out targets.

Weapons X-5e Phalax Heavy Pistol - Basically a small sniper rifle, two shots to the head and the enemy is usually stripped of a layer of defence, or maybe two.

Geth Plasma Shotgun - Absolutely Devistating at any range. Find your self low on heavy weapon ammo? A charge of this will make it seem like the enemy was made of toilet paper... plasma covered.. mangled toilet paper.

Collector Assault Rifle - Any purpose gun, useful at both close and long range, making it ideal for enemies coming at you at multiple ranges. If you dont have the collector DLC then the Mattock Heavy rifle is just as effective, as it can wreak heavy damage to the head.

X-98c Widow Anti-Material Rifle - My favourite weapon for any encounter. AIM FOR THE HEAD.

Heavy Weapon - Arc Projector - a chain bolt of lightning that fries all enemies? YES. Useful for mechs, or scions, or just when your not in the mood for a fire fight.

Armour I tend to stick with using the Kestrel Armour set as this enhances your abilities more than other armour sets (at least in a range). If you dont have the Kestrel DLC then i suggest any of the armour you can purchase through vendors, tailor it to boost your health and shields. (i didnt have the kestrel armour for my insanity play through and used the standards which worked more than well).

Squad I tend to use squad members that will just strip enemies of their barriers/shields/armour, so that i can get on with the killing.

I tend to usually take - Mordin Solus - Specced in Heavy Incinerate and Cryo blast that increases its spread. This way he can destroy organic attackers such as Blood Pack, or Heavily armoured opponents. He uses the Kassa Locust mainly with Cryo ammo.

Miranda Lawson - My Pocket nuke, she is loaded with abilities that can destroy enemies and leave them bare for my sniper rifle. Specced in Heavy Warp and Heavy Overload to destroy enemy barriers.

She also uses Kassa Locust with cryo ammo.


Mechs - Mordin - Cro Blast - Miranda - Heavy Overload - Shepherd - Either assault rifle, or just a quick blast with the Arc Projector takes them out, easy.

Heavy Mechs - Miranda - Heavy Overload - Mordin - Heavy Incinerate - Shepherd - Once the mechs have been stripped down to their health, apply a adrenaline rush and a sniper shot to the head will kill instantly. This also causes the Mech the overload taking out enemies nearby.

Mercs - Apply the Necessary powers to enemy abilities. Shields - Overload Barriers - Warp Armour - Incinerate

Your ammo will do a majority of the work as they tend to be quite feeble.

Blood Pack - Powers like Incendiary ammo and Incinerate will Destroy them.

Blue Suns - Mainly using Mechs, so just a combination of the Mech tactics mixed with logical thought should see you sail straight through.

Eclipse - Utilising biotics, just keep an eye out for any close vanguards. Head shots will count for alot in fire fights against them.

Collectors - JUST UNLEASH HELL ON THEM I find my best bet is just to hammer them with fire. Take your time when aiming, the first shot of combat, i go with the assassins. When the Harbinger takes control, just Use Heavy Warp and Incinerate and it will be like he was never there.

Geth - Just like Mechs really, just lay down a good solid fire on them and keep and eyeout for the big ones. Utilizing overload and Arc Projector.

Husks/Scions - For Husks, i recommend grabbing your shotgun, and setting your squad to follow you, allowing them to move free and avoid being cornered. Scions are just the same, follow their line fo sight and the just strafe left to right and focus your fire on their head.

Organics - Incendiary ammo and incineration work like a charm.

Squad Tactics I usually go for the standard pyramid arrangement, your take point with the other squad members, on your right and left, about 1 cover behind you. This allows them to still be in the fight, but not the main source of fire.

MY NUMBER ONE TIP - Never Panic, just take your time and assess the enemies layout, using the power wheel to freeze time and assess the combat zone. I use the power wheel to give orders far more than i should, but its damn helpful.

Heres the end of my guide. I Love Mass Effect more than anything.

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