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Mass Effect 2 Guide by R.A.M.

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by mordinfan118

In this guide, i will talk about teammates needed for specific missions that i use in my play through and how they are used.

when i play a mission i always choose to bring one tech and one biotic, while i stay a sentinel as a cross between the two. my favorite combinations are mordin and jack (for organic enemies) or thane/samara and tali(for robotic enemies). i use mordin to incinerate enemies' armor as well as freeze others when i get in a though spot (but i mainly use his wide incinerate ability to weaken multiple enemies). once enemies have no protection i use jack's shockwave to take them out like bowling pins. thane, samara, and tali come with abilities to weaken enemies (warp, reave, and energy drain). once i have enemies on their health bar, i use tali's drone distracts enemies while thane/samara use their fully upgraded throw abilities to take out multiple enemies. they are valuable to me to where i protect them at all costs. i use tech armor to protect myself when i get out of cover to help my squad mates when they need help. i always try my best to work as a team and have played through insanity numerous times with these squad mates. to me, its not about strength but about tactics. mordin and tali may not be strong allies but when used right are dangerous to face. being a sentinel the guns i wield arent a threat but my biotic and tech abilities are sure to weaken enemies and destroy them. as a team i work with my tech mates to dominate over enemy shields/armor and work with my biotic mates to finish them off.

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