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Infiltrator General Combat

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by david.k.ginn

Tips and tricks for smooth combat in any situation with the Infiltrator class.

The Infiltrator is a tech/combat specialist, which translates to "shut them down, take them out". The Infiltrator is best at covert combat tactics, preferring to sneak up on enemies, take down their defenses remotely and shoot from afar.

The shield disruptor, Incincerate and Invisibility options are essential for any player who wants to get the most out of the Infiltrator. Upgrading the sniper rifle is also recommended.


The Infiltrator is weak against biotics and enemies with close-range specialty (such as the krogan and Geth Destroyers), so a well-balanced squad is essential. Make sure one of your squad mates can use the Warp ability, as this will help take down biotic barriers.

Also be wary when bringing Grunt; although he is tough he may also charge into battle, leaving your sniper nest or cover unguarded. Jack is a good biotic to bring, as her Shockwave move (as well as others) are good at warding off both close and long-range attacks. She will incapacitate or delay most enemies she can't kill right away, which is essential when you're pinned down.

Having other tech specialists can be beneficial when you want to make a heavy assault on tech-based enemies. By doubling up on shield and armor-destroying abilities, you'll be able to plow through a horde of tech enemies with no sweat. But beware: a krogan protected by a biotic barrier could end you quickly.


  • Take down barrier
  • Take down shield
  • Melt armor
  • Snipe

In some cases (especially if you have armor-piercing rounds) you may be able to snipe through one or more of these protections. Know what you have and what you can do, as every missed shot or wasted power is very costly. The Infiltrator is a mediator; take advantage of that by taking your time. Whatever you do, don't panic. Take a deep breath, cloak yourself, and wait for your shot.

In addition to direct combat, the Infiltrator is uniquely qualified for support roles. Instead of sniping weak enemies, send Grunt after them and give covering fire. Take out the guys on top, on the side, or wait for them to prairie-dog from cover. You may not be in direct combat, but you're still the most important man (or woman) there.

Upgrade Path

Forget everything but your pistol/submachine gun and sniper rifle. When offered a chance to learn assault rifles, ignore it and upgrade the sniper rifle instead. The only exception to this is if you bought one of the ME2 DLCs that provide a superior sniper rifle. Still, compare the two and decide which you like better. Some rifles fire multiple shots at a time, while others are slow to reload but back a big punch. Match your gun to your playing style.

Cooldown is essential. Upgrade your tech abilities. Don't waste your time mining for raw materials that apply only to biotics or guns you aren't trained in. Unless you have nothing else to do with your life, avoiding the high-cost squad biotics upgrades is wise.

Remember: hide, shut down defenses, attack, hide again. And bring backup.

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