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The "All rounder" Class

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by JeranQuick

Tips on what class is best to start Mass Effect with to get a good feel/start for the game.

As you may or may not know, Mass Effect 2 has Character customizing! So yeah RPG etc, And you will be forced to make a critical (Possibly Game changing) decision before you have even taken your first steps in the game!

That decision is: "What Class does thou puny human wish to be?" Now as I was new to the Mass effect series I had a good read through the descriptions and also a naughty look at the Mass Effect Wiki!

But to save you the trouble of doing all this research before choosing or even before you make multiple characters just to get past training and find out you can't do anything you thought you could do, I have already got the perfect class for anyone who is new to the game!

And that class is!........................(Drum roll).................


Yep, The soldier, or as I like to call it, The Good all rounder class. The reason for this is that, Most the classes may have cool Biotic powers or stuff that you probably don't understand yet as you don't know what Mass Effect is all about!

But they all come at a price, that price is usually, What Guns your allowed to use. and Mass effect has about 5-ish gun types to choose from (Pistol,Assault rifle,Shotgun,Sniper rifle and a super-grenade launcher thingy/Super-gun that usually has no ammo so its pretty much a badass looking extra for your back).

Now back to why I like the soldier, and the main reason is, The soldier, can use all these gun types! He is not limited to Pistols or Shotguns, He can have EVERYTHING and is pretty much good with all, but as a downside the soldier is pretty much your average class that has no perks except being amazing with guns!

But for me being able to try out every gun was key to me playing Mass effect 1&2! and after seeing what Biotics and all those other classes did in game I tried them out but Ultimately found the Soldier was my favourite class because you could just load up with ammo and just grind though the enemy and it felt amazing.

But when i tried other classes I found that I was always wanting to use a gun that I wasnt able to such as a Sniper rifle or shotgun, but as a soldier you can run in and pretty much take on anything! I mean anything, Enemy sniper stopping you moving? Use the Sniper rifle! Enemy Mech just smashed through a wall into your face? Use the Grenade/Super-gun! Enemies swarming from all directions? Switch to assault rifle and take cover! you'll have them all dead in no time!

Anyway, Tactics wise (Assuming you did choose soldier), I usually just use assault rifle and sniper rifles but you will most likely run out of ammo quite fast, So MAKE SURE you pick up ammo dropped by enemies and also TAKE COVER! Your not a tank, even if sometimes it does feel like you are, So take cover also use the Bullet time/Ninja mode to freeze the game and scope out your enemies, and as a soldier you get a cool perk that allows you to Slow down time while still moving and shooting so use that as often as it recharges because it can save your life a lot!

As a soldier you also get a couple of Weapon "Modes" basically these are settings for your guns that are free they don't cost anything but depending on which you activate you can use them to do more damage to an enemy than if you used another ammo mode/type!

E.g. If you had a bunch of Organic enemies so not Mechs/robots but something squidgy, Like say.....A Turian with no Shields or armour, In this situation Incendiary bullets would set him on fire and almost destroy him in no time while if you had a mech appear and you tried shooting fire at it, The mech would pretty much just beep in your face then destroy you instead.

So Learn your ammo/gun modes and apply what you learn for what enemy you are fighting and you should find you can kill enemies faster than someone who doesn't have these ammo powers! I would go into more detail about them but I feel it's better if you just work it out yourself to gain more understanding.

That and I can't remember what the other bullet modes are called :P other than what they do such as destroying armour and Mechs faster than organic.

Anyway this is a pretty quick Guide which I hope helps you start off your quest into space without any horrible surprise's/Geth! And hope it didn't confuse the hell out of you considering I just tried to proof read this and started losing track so, Good luck reading it!

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