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Mass Effect 2 eGuide by Squire Young

Adepts are the most powerful--and fun--class in Mass Effect 2. Warping, Throwing, and bending your powers to victory!

Mass Effect 2 is an incredible game that provides players with a unique gaming experience. Not only is the player presented with a new story that they can change through their decision making, they are also given many different tools to achieve different outcomes.

These tools come in the form of character class, play style, and weapons. Since your weapon options and play style depend on your character class, it is the best place to start when writing a guide. But which class is the best;the most powerful? While that question could be given a variety of answers, it is this writers belief that the Adept class is the most powerful class, and the most fun!

In the Mass Effect Universe, Adepts are individuals who have underwent surgeries to receive biotic implants which enable them to create mass effect fields. These mass effect fields enable them to manipulate the matter of any object; lifting, throwing, and pushing objects through the power of the implants--biotic amps--in their bodies. Adepts are the most powerful manipulators of mass effect fields, and it definitely shows in game play.

Playing as and Adept in Mass Effect 2 is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences that the Mass Effect series can provide. Choosing to play as an Adept can seem rough at first; you start with only a Heavy Pistol, Sub Machine Gun (SMG), and Heavy Weapon.

However, as you progress you will gain more powerful varieties of the 3 starting weapons, as well as access to the Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, or Shotgun. In this writers opinion, The Assault Rifle is the best choice for a weapon upgrade--as you can only choose one--as opposed to the Shotgun and Sniper.

The high rate of fire, high damage, and ammo capacity blend perfectly with the use your powers. Singularities--miniature black holes--, Warping--twisting of mass effect fields in order to 'shred' a target--, Pulling--lifting of a target out of cover--, and Barrier--creating a mass effect 'shield' around your character to reduce damage--are some of your best talents. You can upgrade all of your powers as the game progresses, but sticking to the use of 2 of your talents is best.

Warp and Pull are the Adept's best friend in Mass Effect 2. Think of Warp as a missile you can bend around cover to hit any target. It is a powerful attack to start with, so as you upgrade it only gets more deadly to your foes.

Sometimes, cover or unlucky angles prevent the warp from reaching its intended target. Lucky for the player, that is where pull comes in handy. Pulling allows the Adept to lift a target out of cover, providing a perfect opportunity to let loose a Warp or barrage from your assault rifle.

Any enemy can be defeated through the use of cover and these two powers alone. What makes the Adept such a powerful class is that a weapon isn't required to successfully defeat an enemy. An Adept can win any engagement through the use of his/her biotic powers.

Adepts are the best choice of class to play as in Mass Effect 2 because they provide a fun and unique experience to players. Biotic powers such as warp and pull make the player into a deadly manipulator of mass effect fields.

The ability to defeat opponents simply through one's abilities--and not firepower--shows just how powerful the Adept is. Where as a soldier depends on firepower and force, Adepts rely only on the matter that makes up an object.

If a player is considering an Adept, then he/she should ask themselves one question; Do you like being a bad ass who save the galaxy just by lifting a finger? If the answer was yes, then welcome to Mass Effect 2 my fellow Adept. If the answer was no, well the galaxy could always use another Conrad Vernor.

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