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Infiltrator guide

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by JacobSpencer

A fun guide to the Infiltrator class of Mass effect 2

The Infiltrator is for individuals that feel that just running up and spraying their gun at the enemy is a bad idea especially on harder difficulties in Mass Effect 2 . The infiltrator allows you to sneaky stuff that no other class is capable of for the most part. What might sneaky stuff be in the glorious game of Mass Effect 2? Well you can turn your cloak on making you invisible,step out of coverage take your sniper rifle out and just go to town on the the enemies heads. Before you know it you'll be dealing with fewer bad guys that have an appetite to destroy you. Or if you want to be sneakier you can turn your cloak on run around the enemy and flank them. Did I also mention that I do enjoy to turn invisible especially in scenarios where there are many husks around you. If you turn invisible with the husks about to annihilate you they will just go dumb and leave you alone or chase after another target, but I suggest you don't stand their of course because you do have a limit to how long you can stay cloaked! Also with any Mass effect Shepard you can get another perk, for the point of this guide you should invest in getting an AI hacking. Who would not want to be able to hack those huge robots and Geth to obey to your every command? And since you can hack them and turn invisible you can technically sit back and let the hacked robot take the brute of the damage in firefights. As such I feel that the Infiltrator guide is perfect for Mass effect 2 and for you to lead your Shepard against the Reapers.

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