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Effective Vanguard Strategies for ME2- By TJ Askew

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by TjAskew

Quick and easy ways to make enemies look silly in ME2, using a Vanguard's base abilities.

Vanguard: Biotic/Combat -Excellent range of abilities, will make sure the experience stays fresh. -Able to use wide range of weapons. -Extremely dangerous at close range.

I've found that the best strategies for a Vanguard use a mix of powers and gunfire. First sub-machine guns will make quick work of any Shields that an enemy may have. They are even effective, albeit less so, against barriers, if you find that you are without an ally with the warp ability. Secondly, heavy pistols with inferno ammo applied, make enemy armor nearly useless against a Vanguard. After these layers of protection are peeled away. A Vanguard can start to throw his enemies around like rag dolls, that's what the physics are for right? Shockwave and Pull are great for getting enemies out of cover into open space, then it's as simple as lining up cross hairs. The Charge ability is simply beastly against unarmored enemies. And at it's higher levels, Shepard becomes a wrecking ball of force, or even slows time after the charge is performed. 2-3 seconds of slow motion is more than enough time to deal with most enemies when you're point blank range with any of the game's shotguns. The best tactic I find though, is to locate the nearest cliff or drop off, and simply experiment with Biotic Charge or Shockwave. I find that Biotic Charge is more effective than Shockwave as: 1) you can "line up" your shot, as most of the force in the Charge is forward momentum, 2)even at low levels, it's still enough force in one direction throw an enemy 8-12 feet, and 3) it is almost instantaneous. So enemies don't have time to move or dodge the attack.

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