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Mass Effect 2 strategy

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by CarlLewisOldham

Favorite class and best tactics

My favorite class is the vanguard because it's an amalgamation of my two favorite classes: the soldier and biotic.

I like the firepower of the soldier, but at the same time I like the biotic powers. To compromise, I choose the vanguard. My tactics for playing as a vanguard utilizes the soldier and biotic aspects of a vanguard.

When I see enemies approaching, my comrades and I rapidly take cover. If they are far from me, I use a good long range weapon available to me like the heavy pistol. If they get a little closer, I use a submachine gun.

My favorite smg in the game is the M-12 locust because it can fire many shots like an assault rifle somewhat powerfully and can damage armor, shields and barriers, unlike the other smgs.

After firing on them, I use a biotic power like warp to damage them or the cover they are using (if is breakable) and lift or singularity if the enemies have no shields, armor, or barrier left.

To add extra carnage or do a special finale I use the biotic charge on the enemy after doing some damage to them from a distance. If they are still alive or if there are enemies close by, I speedily switch to my shotgun as it is the deadliest close combat weapon.

While I am up close, my comrades (for example, Garrus and Zaeed) would cover me by using their sniper rifles and talents. I employ Zaeed a lot to fire a concussion shot or throw some inferno grenades at the enemy to quickly disorient.

I also make use of Garrus to fire concussion shots too and his overload ability to weaken shields. If the situation is favorable (if there is a way around to get to the enemy), I sometimes flank the foes while Zaeed and Garrus attract enemy fire and cover me.

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