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Mass Effect 2 Character Choice

Mass Effect 2 eGuide by ChancellorAceX

Infiltrator + Agent

Among all of the classes in Mass Effect 2, I wouldn't choose any class but the Infiltrator.

Given the fact that, from the first game, you know that you're going to have a squad of three members. Knowing that, and the fact that you can control them, you can let them do all the up close work. Why should you take all the fire from the enemies? Plus any needs in Biotics can be handles by your teammates as well.

So now you've got two lackeys, which you have the ability to revive if you need to, and will be able to provide whatever powers you don't have.

Seriously though, what else do you really need? I mean, you've got disruptor ammo to rip through shields and barriers, you've got incinerate to bash armored units with loads of damage, should you get in a bind you can always cloak and find new cover, and you've got a weapon that deals loads of damage.

Plus, if you need it, several other teammate have the ability to give you specific ammo types(i.e. warp ammo). I'm not saying that this class has everything you need, but let's face it; this class has everything you need.

Now, some of you may say that Vanguards are God's gift to the classes because they have all the advantages of being a soldier, plus they get biotics.

That may be true, but what's so great about being a soldier? you can deal a lot of damage with your assault rifles. That's great if you're an assault rifle kind of guy, but I want every one of my shots to count. And when i say they count, I mean they really count.

Others of you may say that Adepts are great cause they have amazing control of their environment by throwing people, and causing more damage to be done to your opponents.

Also true, but why would you spend your time in battle controlling your environment, when you can just kill your enemies instead? I'm failing to see the logic. All I'm saying is that you can't count on your teammates to deal all the damage to the enemies that you weaken. It just doesn't work that way.

So, in response to these naysayers:

My Widow sniper does 368.3 base damage. Now add in the +9% from my Agent Perk, the +75% from my Assassination Cloak, plus the fact that whenever I aim my rifle of doom, time slows to 0.5 speed for 1.5 to 2 seconds. That means I'm dealing 677.672 per shot to my enemies.

Furthermore, if they are synthetic or have shields, my Widow does another +60% damage to them, which brings my total up to 898.652 per shot. If they are an armored opponent, then my Widow does a natural 1.5 damage which would bring my total to 1016.508 per shot, and that's with a non-heavy weapon.

The Rocket Launcher you get in the beginning of the game only does 350 per shot. As you can see, dealing damage is not an issue for this class. And as for the need to control your environment, good luck with that. At the end of the day you have to work with what environment you're in, not control it.

Aside from all of this, I also have the benefit of having both Ai Hacking and Dominate. Why you ask? How much easier is it to pick off enemies when they're spending their time fighting each other?

Think about it. You're sitting there waiting for your enemy to come through that door, having an MRE with your brothers in arms. Then they come through that door guns blazing. You return some fire of course, but then what? You duck into cover so you can avoid some damage right?

Now you're sitting there in cover with your best friend in the whole galaxy when all of a sudden he stands up. What is he thinking, right? Then you notice that nobody is shooting at him! Then he takes three steps back and starts laying fire right into your gut.

You try to shoot back at him thinking he's gone insane, but no luck. Why? He's magically gotten a bunch of barriers as well. So, you start to run for it. And as soon as you do, BOOM, Widow just took your head off. A pity I know, but that's what you get when you fight an Infiltrator.

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