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BEst ME3 Squad Selection

Mass Effect 3 eGuide by legokeeper825

Tali and Garrus are the best squad selection IMO. Tali possesses tactical abilities, while Garrus has deadly powers.

-When selecting squad choose Tali and Garrus

  • Fill out their primary and secondary powers to max, as well as health, weight, power damage, etc.

-Use Tali on geth and Cerberus agents to sabotage weaponry, and get behind tough enemies with drones and turrets, and energy drain.

-When weakened with Tali's tech powers, Garrus' concussive shots, armor-piercing rounds, or proximity mines can take out standard soldiers before you can say "Calibrations!"

  • When dealing with guardians, or stealthy geth, Tali's attack drones can sneak up behind them, or Garrus' proximity mines can lead them to traps.

-When dealing with Brutes, Garrus is your primary squad mate to help you handle the situation. Just give him armor-piercing rounds and hit that sucker with concussive shots and proximity mines.

-With Banshees, Tali's energy drain and Garrus' overload can take out it's shields, and use the same method with Garrus to help you take down it's armor (Also applies to ATLAS mechs).

-As you can see, Tali and Garrus provide a tactical advantage against your enemies. Now let's take Earth back!!!

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