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Best Campaign squad combo. Any Shepard/Garrus/Ashley (Or Javik)

Mass Effect 3 eGuide by MarauderShields

Shep/Garrus/Ashley Beam rifle Party Setup, Best crew in the whole game for Campaign :)

The best setup is to have Your Shepard with a Assault Rifle, Any kind of Ammo power, And whatever else compliments his Class well. Add Garrus and Ashley to the mix as well, Also Toting Assault Rifles and Ammo powers. You CAN throw Javik in their as well, because he can use the Assault Rifle, However he does lack Ammo powers, But his Biotics Can more than make up for it just in case Unshielded Trash makes its way to you.

The key to this setup is The Prothean Beam Rifle that you earn from the DLC mission to Recruit Javik. When you have 3 people with that, With Armor Piercing mods, Also with a Fully upgraded Ammo Power on Each of your 3 characters, Basically nothing can stand up to it. Even Bosses fold Quickly under fire.

With all 3 people using the Beam rifle there is no question who is attacking what. it makes Focusing your DPS onto any target that can stand the beam for longer than 1 second Very easy. With my Vanguard I used Inferno Ammo, While Garrus used AP ammo, and Ashley using Disruptor Ammo... All with Armor Piercing And DMG mods on the weapon.. Nothing survives this setup long enough to make it past your front line.

BTW, If you use Cryo ammo with the beam rifle you feel like Mr. Freeze from batman. And if you have all 3 people it kinda feels like Mass Effect Ghostbusters. just remember not to cross the streams, And happy gaming :P

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  • Comment by MarauderShields

    I am Marauder Shields, And this is my Favorite Guide on the internet!

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:30 a.m.
  • Comment by law4426

    Having Ashley and Garrus as squadmates helps alot, becuase they know what they are doing and the combination of powers and weapons works out too.

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:30 a.m.
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