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The Krogan Sentinel (Is Basically Just A Tank)

Mass Effect 3 eGuide by AngusBohanon

With unparalleled weight capacity, shields, and melee ability, the Krogan Sentinel is your one-stop shop for absolute destruction.

Hey there, kids.

Have you ever played a salarian, only to take one shot from a Geth Turret and crumble like a speed-talking leaf?

Or maybe you saved up for a Spectre Pack and unlocked some bitchin' weapon like a Claymore or a Widow, only to find that your Quarian Engineer can't carry anything bigger than a Nerf pistol.

Or maybe you got surrounded by Hunters and brought down, but then you revived yourself only to be beaten to death again before you could draw breath?

Well worry no more. Presenting:

The Krogan Sentinel

The Krogan Sentinel is basically the best thing on two legs in the Mass Effect or any other universe. If the Krogan Sentinel went up against Darths Maul and Vader at the same time, he'd yawn as their light sabers bounced off his glowing tech armor until he was bored, then bash their faces in with a shotgun the size of a city bus. Then he'd remember that ammo exists, but at that point it wouldn't matter.

Let's walk through the reasons for choosing the Krogan Sentinel

1. Durability

A Krogan Sentinel is by far the hardest thing to kill in the game. Health goes up to 900 and shields to 1200, which is already more than double what most species get, and fully upgraded tech armor takes away 40% of damage, which effectively puts your shields to 2000. What that means is that given the right gun, you can stand face-to-face with a Marauder and take it down without even losing your shields. You can charge into a group and revive a buddy, ignoring the units shooting at you as you do so. You can go up against a Phantom by yourself with just a gun because barring that execution move, it'll still take her longer to kill you than vice versa.

2. Weight

The Krogans don't actually have a word for "heavy," as they've never encountered anything that would qualify. Did you want to use your heavy shotgun, but want to hang on to a long-range weapon just in case? Go for it. Hell, even a Claymore and a Mattock combined won't put you in the red. Or if you like sniping from a distance, that's fine. You can still carry a sniper rifle and headshot everything, but you don't have to worry about being shot while you're out of cover because did I mention 2000 shields? You get more versatility of weapons and faster recharge times, and that makes you even more unstoppable.

3. Melee

Krogan military vehicles are crash tested by having a Sentinel stand in front of it and head-butt it. If the vehicle survives, it's put into production. Seriously, the melee ability of a Krogan Sentinel is probably the most damage it is possible to inflict with one action in the game. The Soldier has a similar melee, but without the protection of Tech Armor to absorb bullets while you close the gap so you can curb-stomp someone. And when Rage kicks in (two melees in 30 seconds), your damage doubles. That means you can take down a fully shielded Centurion on a Gold mission IN ONE HIT. There is no such thing as cornering a Krogan. And even better is the fact that while other species stand still and bust out their omni-blades or biotic punches, the Krogan actually charges. That means you can transition from an all-out sprint to a flying melee absolutely seamlessly. Sometimes it's honestly faster to charge and bash someone than to shoot them.


There are some people who will bring up the weaknesses of the Krogan Sentinel, because those people are unaware that it's actually illegal to use the word "weakness" and "Krogan" in the same sentence. Let's deal with those.

"But the Krogan doesn't have very good powers."

It's true that one of the slots is taken by Tech Armor, which is basically just a set-and-forget power. But the other ones are Incinerate and Lift Grenade. Lift Grenade is pretty useless except for taking out the shields on a Prime or Atlas, but Incinerate is, at full strength, basically a missile launcher. You can torch the armor off a Brute or Atlas, set fire to five Assault Troopers at once, or just polish off a Pyro from afar. Your weight capacity is gigantic, so you can rapid-fire Incinerate like nobody's business, and you don't have to worry about getting killed while you're doing it because of ALL THE SHIELDS.

"But the Krogan doesn't have a dodge ability."

Again, true. But what are you dodging? My Krogan Sentinel can take not one, but three Geth rockets to the body before the shield goes down. Cerberus grenades take down about half the shield. Nemesis snipers, slightly less. You don't have to jump out of the way if you're burly enough to just soak it up.

"What if you get in too deep and you're surrounded?"

That can happen to anyone (I'm looking at you, Vanguards). And when it does happen, don't you want to be the guy who can blow his own armor off with the force of a frag grenade, knock even shielded units back and maybe even kill a few, recharge the armor super-quickly because of the weight capacity, and repeat until you open a gap and can get away? And even while your armor is down and you're vulnerable, you still have almost twice as much shields and health as any other species.

"What about crowd control?"

No combat drone, no turret, no Stasis, no Lift…how do you manage big crowds? Answer: you don't have to. You don't need to distract enemies if you're powerful enough to just take them head on. If you're under cover and a Hunter's coming at you, just let him get close and Grab him. If there are two of them and one of them jumps cover to your side, then Grab the other one, shrug off a few shots from the one on your own side, then stand up and knock his head off. And besides, that's what other players are for. There's always someone out there with Overload or Stasis who can soften enemies up for you, and you can return the favor later by drawing fire from the Rocket Troopers so your teammates can snipe them.

Now, I suppose the point here is to tell you how to play to the nuanced abilities of a particular character, so here's how you play the Krogan Sentinel:

However you damn well please.

If you're the keep-your-distance-and-snipe type, you can still do that. The Krogan can hold a sniper rifle just as well as anyone else can, and you can take more damage while you're leaning out of cover to line up the perfect headshot.

If you're a classic assault-style player, it's easy to maintain medium distance with an assault rifle and fire off the occasional Incinerate.

If you're the close-range, Grab-kills-and-shotguns type, there's no one better suited to getting in close and surviving once you're in there.

Basically, the Krogan Sentinel can do damn near anything you want it to do, damn near anything that anyone else can do, and is much less likely to die doing it.

I rest my case.

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