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Best squad for me

Mass Effect 3 eGuide by SithDarth-Payner

Liara T'Soni and James Vega

James Vega: I choose him, because he's completely deadly in short range (shotgun and Carnage). He has the ability to stay alive in fight in short range (Fortification). ]:-)

Liara T'Soni: I need her, because she's very good in biotic class. She can effectively slow down and damage enemies (Singularity and Stasis) and Ali Hillis has such a soothing voice for me. ;-)

POINT: I play for the soldier class and I use most often sniper rifle or assult rifle if I must. I just need squad, which slow down and kill enemies few meters in front of me. Meanwhile, I use a sniper rifle. ..Oh..and sexy voice of Liara is too important for me in missions. :-D

PS: Sorry for my English. :-p

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