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Mass Effect 3 eGuide by MobashirMashid

This is about how to select your squad member in ME3...this is not a fixed one, choose member carefully as they must fulfill your SHEPARD'S need.

So as you know this is about best squad member selection in ME3 go for it as per your shepard's need. Because your shepard may be of type soldier, vanguard, engineer or adept........ If you have a soldier shepard your one squad member should be a powerful biotic like Liara T'soni another should be a pure engineer like Legion, Tali, EDI or at least a half engineer like Garuss.... If you are vanguard also go for same as above..... If you are engineer go for a pure adept and soldier squad member like Alenko or half soldier half engineer like Garuss...... If you are adept go for a pure engineer like Tali, Legion, EDI etc and a soldier type squad member like Alenko, Garuss....... I follow these very carefully but others always tend to go for classic style without caring the need for their Shepard.....

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