Team Ninja Set To Announce New Game At Tokyo Game Show

Published 2 years, 10 months ago by Robert Workman


In a matter of hours, the Tokyo Game Show will be in full swing, with thousands of attendees from around the world checking out new games being offered by various companies big and small.  Among them is Tecmo, who is bringing Team Ninja out in full force to unveil a new game project.

The team, who just put the finishing touches on Dead Or Alive 5 for release next week, and released Ninja Gaiden 3 earlier this year, is keeping the curtain on the project for now, but if it's anything like how DOA5 was unveiled last year, as they noted on Twitter, we could be in for something big.  And no, it probably isn't Metroid Other M 2.  At least, not from what we're guessing.

We'll have coverage on all the big unveils and announcements for games at this year's Tokyo Game Show for you right here at Prima Games, so stick around for more coverage and big announcements.  Say…you don't suppose it's Ninja Gaiden 4, do you?  Nah, too soon…


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