Re-Volt Re-Turns To the App Store In a Few Weeks

Published 2 years, 10 months ago by Robert Workman

It seems to be an era where classic Dreamcast games are making a comeback.  Jet Set Radio is set to launch this week; Sonic Adventure 2 HD is launching next month; and Fur Fighters was recently re-released for iOS a few weeks back.  Now another favorite is about to rev up on the market again.

Acclaim's racing game Re-Volt, which features remote control cars in full-blown competition, is making a return.  Nick Baynes, the studio head at app developer Big Bit, recently replied to a tweet asking about the possibility of Dreamcast games being made by the team for iOS, stating, "Anyone that says Re-Volt should watch the App Store over the next couple of weeks…"  And on their official site, there's some box art showing that, yup, Re-Volt is definitely making a return.  (It's the "coming soon" image over at

So keep checking that App Store – you just might be racing remote control cars yet again…


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