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Detailed walkthrough for one of my favorite games



Your health gauge is displayed in the lower left corner of your HUD. As you take damage, the bars that make up the gauge fade. When all bars are depleted, you will die. To replenish your health, look for green Sym-Bac containers as picking them up automatically restores a portion of your heatlh.

Note: Sym-Bac containers cannot be stored or held for later use.


Each weapon in Resistance 3 has both a primary and a secondary firing mode. Learn to effectively use both modes or the last, best hope for man’s survival won’t make it through the first firefight!

Further, as you inflict damage with a particular weapon, you gain experience towards automatically leveling it up. And, unlocking new weapon levels increases its combat effectiveness.

To quickly switch to your last used weapon, tap the triangle button. Hold the triangle button to bring up the radial menu that allows you to select from available weapons.


All Chimeran units are specialists, and as such, contain weakness that can be exploited in order to quickly eliminate them from the battlefield. Each time you encounter a new breed of Chimera, your Journal will be updated with any and all information relating to it. Hit “Start”; select “Journals” and then “Enemy Journals” to read up on all new adversaries. After all, knowing is half the battle.


Journal entries are collectables in Resistance 3 and are scattered throughout each level. Collect them to gather crucial intelligence, read pertinent background information or simply to remind yourself what it is you are fighting for. Once a journal entry is picked up, you can find it in the “Journals” section of the pause menu.

Further, enemy entries are automatically added to your Journals every time you encounter a new foe.

Walkthrough: Haven, OK.

Chapter 1: Home

Objective: Find Dale at the weapons range

Before heading off to meet Dale, search the table near Susan to find the Feral vs. Military journal entry.

Follow the objective marker to the Weapons range. Along the way, approach the survivors to catch snippets of dialogue that illustrate life in the underground hideout.

As you make your way through the labyrinthine tunnel system, look for a woman knitting in her rocking chair. Behind her, on the bed, is the Postcard from Bogota journal entry.

When you reach Dale, he'll hand over a Bullseye. The Bullseye is a submachine gun that's effective at short and medium range. Turn and step up to the firing line to practice with you new weapon. Target and destroy each dummy as they appear by using L1 to zoom and R1 to fire. After destroying several targets, Dale will explain the Bullseye's secondary fire mode. By aiming at a target and pressing R2, the Bullseye will tag an enemy. Once an enemy is tagged, all projectiles will home in on that enemy. You'll get to try it once before moving on. Just make sure you remember to use it against live enemies!

Tip: Tag an enemy, take cover and fire into the air. The projectiles will seek and destroy the target while you're safely beyond reach.

After the Bullseye tutorial, you'll get to try out the HE .44 Magnum. Hold the triangle button and then use your analog stick to select the Magnum.

Tip: Tap the triangle button to quickly equip your last weapon.

Fire one round into the lone practice dummy by pressing R1. When all three dummies pop up, press R2 to detonate the round and destroy all of them at once.

Grenades are thrown by pressing L2. EMP grenades deactivate energy shields and drones. They also adversely affect Hybrid cooling packs, causing them to explode. Use a single grenade to deactivate the practice dummy's shield and then destroy it with your weapon of choice.

As soon as the weapon tutorial ends, the subterranean hideout is shaken by the above-ground approach of a large Chimeran patrol. Follow the objective marker to Susan and listen as she orders her men to their scouting positions. You are tasked to follow Lester to the bowling alley.

Objective: Meet with Nate in the bowling alley

Follow Lester until you reach the diner. Press R3 to crouch and carefully make your way to the tunnel entrance at the far side of the diner. Drop through the hole in the floor and continue through tunnels. Climb a ladder into the bowling alley and your current objective is complete.

Soon after you reach Nate, a patrolling death squad detects your scouting team. Once outside, seek cover and take out the Hybrids that are converging on your position.

*Note: Remember the secondary firing abilities of both weapons as each are very useful in a heated firefight.

After dispatching the Hybrids, a Stalker approaches from your six. While the stalker's shields are powered up, bullets are deflected before they damage metal monstrosity. Seek cover, then use an EMP grenade to temporarily deactivate the shield. Once the shield is down, unload all six Magnum bullets into its metal hide. Then, press R2 to simultaneously detonate them all and deal massive damage. Repeat the process until the Stalker is defeated.

Note: Scattered about the battlefield are green Sym-Bac canisters that automatically refill a portion of Joe's health. Seek them out if you take too much damage.

If you find yourself out of ammunition or EMP grenades, climb to the roof of the central structure and refill your dwindling reserves. It's not particularly safe on the roof, but you should be able to inflict a great deal of damage before you're forced to retreat back down to street level.

Once the battle is over, the survivors regroup at HQ. A member has failed to report back, so it's up to you to locate him.

Chapter 2: Wanted Man

Objective: Find Tommy Dean

The battle has taken its toll on the inhabitants of the tunnels. Cries of loss and pain reverberate through the crudely carved passageways. As you head towards the objective marker, search near the medical station to find the Bite Protocol journal entry--It's sitting on a table near the green-glowing I.V. bags.

Keep moving and stop near the chalkboard to find the Note to John Harper journal entry.

Tip: Study the drawing on the blackboard to ascertain the weak spots on the Hybrid. It's head and backpack should be your primary targets.

Move through the tunnels and up into the house above. Grab the Magnum rounds on the table and travel to the second floor where you'll be given Shrapnel grenades.

Note: Press left or right on the directional pad to switch grenade types.

Head through the door and a Chimeran dropship will unload it's cargo of Hybrids onto the street below. Make effective use of Shrapnel grenades and the Magnum's explosive rounds to clear out the approaching enemies.

Once the coast is clear, hop down from your high vantage point and head toward the distant garage. On the way, look for and pick up any Sym-Bac canisters to fully restore Joe's health.

Open the garage door and make your way through the house. Pick up the items on the table and then approach Tommy Dean. Don't immediately follow him; instead, head up the stairs and into the bedroom to find the Leaper Bite audio journal.

Objective: Follow Tommy Dean to the ridge

After you've cleared the room of goodies, head back downstairs and follow Tommy out the back door. A group of Hybrids patrol nearby, but they are unaware of your presence. Play this out any way you see fit, but Shrapnel grenades and explosive Magnum rounds are always a good idea.

Tip: Retreat into the house if you find yourself low on health. Chances are you haven't quite depleted the downstairs table and upstairs bedroom of their Sym-Bac supplies.

Once the field is clear, follow Tommy up the hill and through the wooden archway.

Chapter 3 - Paradise Lost

Objective: Race back to Haven

A large Chimeran ship is up to no good and Haven is in danger. Sprint along the treacherous pathways toward home. Dally too long and you'll take damage from the myriad enemies along the way. Once you reach the large house beyond the barn, you can take a second to catch your breath and refill your life meter.

Head through the house and out the back door. You're on point and first to observe the angry Chimeran Steelheads. Steelheads carry the Auger, a weapon that fires projectiles capable of phasing through solid matter. That means that no cover is safe! However, the bullets take a couple seconds to completely phase through a solid object, so if you see a glowing yellow spot nearby, vacate the area immediately.

Further, the Auger's secondary fire mode erects a shield that can only be penetrated by Auger rounds. Since you don't have an Auger, throw grenades behind the shield to damage the Steelheads.

Take out all Steelheads in the area and then move ahead toward the objective marker. Your objective is a dropped Auger. Pick it up and add its firepower to your arsenal. Remember that you can quickly swap weapons by pressing and holding the triangle button.

Tip: Pressing L1 with the Auger equipped will highlight any nearby enemies, including those behind cover.

Use the Auger's scope to see the heat signature of the distant Hybrid. Fire through the wall and take him down with ease. After you've dropped the enemy, Tommy will kick open the barn door, allowing you to proceed.

Drop down into the ravine and approach the bridge. Stay behind cover as multiple Hybrids appear in front of your position. Bring up the Auger's scope and target the hostiles through rocks, trees, etc. Stay concealed and let the phase rounds do the dirty work. If you are flanked or overrun, remember that pressing R2 deploys an energy shield.

After the battle, sprint through the creek bed. Rockets will pepper your position, just follow Tommy and keep moving until you reach the second floor of a burnt-out structure. Inside, replenish your ammo and health and grab the nearby Hedgehog grenades. Hedgehog grenades are anti-personnel mines that remain on the ground until triggered.

The next task is to make it through the mill in one piece. Multiple Hybrids patrol the area so steel yourself for a lengthy and difficult battle. Immediately seek cover and bring up the Auger's sight. Take down one Hybrid after another without exposing yourself to enemy fire. After the first group is dispatched, a dropship will unload another squad of Auger-bait. Be patient and let the phase rounds do all of the heavy lifting.

Once the last enemy is toast, Tommy signals the all clear. Explore the area for Sym-Bac canisters and ammunition and then follow the waypoint to the mill's second floor. Be wary, a few more Hybrids inhabit the upper floor of the mill. Take them out and Tommy will lead you to a makeshift door. Open it and your objective will be updated.

Haven residents are pinned down on the bridge and it's up to you to save them. Head out the door but not past the large rock that marks the end of the mill wall. From cover, use your Auger to eliminate as many enemies as you can. Or, if you prefer, use Bullseye to tag and destroy them. After the short battle, rendezvous at the bridge, making sure to scavenge for weapons, ammo and health containers along the way.

Chapter 4 - Women and Children First

Objective: Hold off Chimera while the rest of Haven evacuates

Follow the men through the garage and then take the Marksman from Tommy. The Marksman is a powerful, long-range rifle that fires a burst of three rounds at a time. Its secondary fire mode unleashes a turret that plants itself in anything solid and then auto-fires at nearby enemies.

Once you leave the garage, all hell breaks loose. Use your Auger scope to pinpoint and eliminate concealed enemies. Pay particular attention to enemy snipers holed up on the second floor of the adjacent building. Make your way along the far right side of the courtyard, dispatching enemies as you advance. Dropships will periodically unload more enemies just above the yard's southern structure. Use Shrapnel grenades to thin out grouped hostiles and remember your Marksman is great at targeting enemies from a distance.

Once the fighting subsides, search the buildings for pick-ups. A short cutscene will announce the arrival of Longlegs. Longlegs are mechanically enhanced Chimera able to jump long distances. They are fast moving so wait for them to land and then target and destroy them quickly.

Tip: Tag Longlegs with the Bullseye to easily take them down.

Once the Longlegs have been vanquished, fall back into the garage. When you reach the room with the medic tending to the wounded soldier, look up and eliminate the two Longlegs that appear and fire upon you from the roof.

Objective: Defend Main Street

Main Street is absolutely crawling with Chimera. Don't rush into the fray, instead, stay inside and target as many Chimera as you can through the open door. Once the area directly in front of you is clear, sprint through the doorway and take cover behind the nearby truck. Use every weapon at your disposal to cull the horde of Chimera that continually unloads from enemy drop ships. Beware; there are Auger-toting baddies out there so no cover will remain safe for long.

Objective: Defeat the Brawler

Once the initial firefight ends, a new enemy appears with a bang! Dodge the Brawler's initial rush and then target his shoulder pads with Magnum fire. Detonate the rounds to destroy each shoulder pad. Once each shoulder pad is mangled, turn your attention to the beast's wrist guards. Again, use explosive Magnum rounds to make quick work of them.

The final step to slaying the beast is destroying the heat sinks covering its ribcage. Any weapon will do, just beware of flying scrap metal! After the gorilla dies a particular painful but well-deserved death, head towards the church to complete Haven's evacuation.

Chapter Five: Wrightsburg

Objective: Find open water

The chapter begins on a small boat, slowly chugging through murky waters. Explore the bow of the ship to find the Change in Strategy audio journal and the ammo box that replenishes your ammo reserves each time it's opened.

The rear of the ship contains the Ice Blocks journal entry and a first aid station that fully revitalizes an unlimited number of times.

You have a couple minutes to explore the ship and take in the ravaged countryside before things heat up. When you spot the partially submerged "Welcome to Wrightsburg" sign, arm up and keep your eyes peeled.

The fallen corpse of a large Chimera is crawling with Leapers. Ignore them and they'll ignore you. Engage them and they'll board your ship, looking for fresher meat.

After the threat recedes in the fog, you'll gain access to the Rossmore shotgun. Like all shotguns, it is most effective at short range and very forgiving when it comes to accuracy. Its secondary fire mode launches a concussion grenade that detonates on contact.

You'll be asked to test both firing modes on the blast roots located on the port side of the ship (when facing forward, the left). After successfully completing the test, the boat will resume its slow crawl.

Apparently shotguns also make good icebreakers. When the boat gets stuck between to support beams, target the ice located on the starboard side of the boat and fire three rounds to fully destroy it.

When you reach the submerged apartment complex, get ready for a prolonged and nasty battle. Grims inhabit the upper rooms and don't take kindly to newcomers. At first, they are content to throw detritus at you from the roofs of the buildings, but soon a few get antsy and attempt to leap aboard. Keep moving to dodge the thrown objects and destroy any that attempt to board with a well-placed shotgun shell.

When you reach the diner, the fight truly begins. Don't stand your ground; instead, kite the Grims around the deck of the ship, blasting them when they get close. Reload at every opportunity and visit the first aid box during lulls in the action. Also, target and destroy the blast roots that line the structures to destroy the Grims before they can make it aboard.

Tip: Melee attacks work well against Grims.

When you pass out of harm's way, a new threat emerges. Shock Drones are harassing feral Leapers. Soon however, their attention will turn to you. Ditch the shotgun and opt for the Marksman. Drop a mini-turret at the bow of the ship and let it do most of the work for you. If they begin to swarm the cabin, throw an EMP grenade to shut 'em down quickly. The Bullseye is also a good choice for dealing with multiple Drones. Simply tag and destroy one at a time.

A calm in the storm is rudely interrupted by an approaching Goliath. The Goliath passes by without noticing the tiny ship, until Shock Drones discover it and pass on the intel. While attempting to outrun the goliath, you must stave off wave after wave of Shock Drones and Longlegs. The Marksman serves a dual purpose here. It is able to accurately take out Longlegs at range, while the mini-turrets it drops help to repel any enemies that attempt to board the tattered dinghy. Make sure you refill your reserves and replenish your health at every opportunity, as this is a lengthy battle.

You'll also encounter more ice pillars that prohibit the boat from proceeding any farther downstream. Destroy them as soon as possible or the Chimera will overwhelm you.

Note: Each trip to the ammo crate only yields a single secondary round, so visit it often to ensure you have mini-turrets at your disposal whenever they are needed.

Walkthrough: St. Louis, MO.

Chapter Six - City of the Past

Objective: Find shelter for Dr. Malikov

The good doctor is ill and bides you move ahead without him. Your objective is to navigate the train yard and work your way to the opposite side of the fence where a switch will open the gate.

Follow the yellow, spray-painted markings on the train cars until you come to a makeshift ramp that leads through a derailed livestock car. Pass through the car and the path splits. To the right is an open car containing shotgun ammo --restock if necessary and then double back. Move forward, past the train car painted with multiple warnings regarding its interior. Hop onto a concrete platform and then crouch and head right through a hole in the fence. In the well-hidden car lies the Staying Warm audio excerpt.

After nabbing the entry, hop back down to the ground and follow the path to the right. Ascend the ladder attached to the nearby boxcar and take the fight to the high ground. Dispatch any pesky Leapers and look left to find the A Tragic Paradox journal entry.

Your destination is a short jaunt ahead. Stick to the top of the boxcars and proceed toward the objective marker. Leap down and proceed to the gate. Open it and then follow the doctor into the elevator. As you move upward, you'll witness the approach of a very large Chimera. It takes no notice of you however, and before too long, you'll reach your destination.

Search the room for ammunition to restock your shrinking supply and then climb the ladder to the upper level.

Objective: Search the city for the downed VTOL

Once the Dr. is safe in his hideaway, grab the VTOL Manual from the mattress and the carabiner from the desk. The carabiner allows you to use ziplines, like the one outside the hideout's window. Use it to safely reach the ground. Once you touch down, head right and hop down into the large hole. Open the corrugated steel door and enter the darkened boiler room.

Your flashlight will power n automatically, cutting through the gloom and revealing a cramped crawlspace. Duck and proceed to the glowing weapon sitting on the floor.

Note: The atomizer fires short-range electric bolts that automatically seek nearby targets. The Atomizer's secondary fire mode releases a gravity well that damages and pulls enemies towards it.

Move forward and unleash the Atomizer on the solitary Grim that races to greet you. Refill the lost charge at the base of the stairs and then proceed upward. After you reach the top of the stairs, move ahead and multiple Grims will appear and charge you. Use your Atomizer's secondary fire mode when confronted with four or more. Any less and the weapon's primary fire mode will suffice. If you run low on ammunition, the Rossmore or rapid-firing Bullseye will suffice against the relatively weak strain of Chimera.

Move to the other side of the large room and head up the stairs where more enemies await. Take them out and proceed over the narrow catwalk to the other side of the building. Drop through the gaping hole in the floor and flip the switch to lower the bridge. Enter the adjacent room and repel the Grim that attempt to crawl into the open window. Pick up the ammunition scattered about the room and grab the Quarantine audio journal.

Leave the room through the open door and climb the stairs back up to the upper level. Make your way to the far opposite side of the room and traverse the catwalk. One more flight of stairs leads you to factory's top floor. Equip your Atomizer and proceed with caution. One more large contingent of Grims stands between you and escape so don't hesitate to make use of the Atomizer's secondary fire mode.

Move to the objective marker, but before you proceed through the pipe to the outside, head left, sprint and leap over a gap in the catwalk. The Safety Violation text journal is yours for the trouble.

Sprint and leap back over the gap and head down the tunnel. Fall through the hole and push open a makeshift door to enter a storeroom. Inside, the It's Just Me Now audio excerpt can be found.

Make your way through the crowded room and climb a ladder to the next floor. Find and fire on the yellow targeting sign to drop another ladder. Climb up and grab the Deadeye.

Note: The Deadeye is a Chimeran sniper rifle, great at dealing damage at very long range. The secondary fire mode unleashes a charged shot that disintegrates most enemies on contact.

The Girl's Best Friend audio journal can also be found inside the room. Grab it and then sneak up to a window. Practice with the Deadeye on the distant Grims before hopping down through a hole in the room's floor.

To proceed over the alleyway, hit the yellow targeting sign to extend the bridge. The path through the adjacent building is linear, but crawling with Leapers. Use your shotgun and a coupe of shrapnel grenades to quickly clear out the infested hallways.

Open the door and the chapter is complete.

Chapter 7 - Friends in Low Places

Immediately after opening the door, the situation heats up. Survivors are attempting to protect the VTOL in the courtyard below. Unfortunately, they're outnumbered and outgunned. It's up to you to turn the tide. First things first, use your Bullseye to tag and then destroy any Longlegs. Then, use the Deadeye or Marksman to drop the Hybrids that inhabit the ruins just opposite your location. The Auger can also be utilized to locate and destroy any enemies that remain in cover. It's a tough and lengthy fight, so move from window to window after you draw fire to keep from becoming easy prey. There is a single Sym-Bac container in the ruins behind you so make it last!

After you've significantly culled their numbers, equip the shotgun or Bullseye and use the zip line to reach the ruins. Quickly but carefully make your way through the destroyed apartment building mopping up any and all stragglers. After the last one is laid to rest, approach the survivors.

No quicker than you meet your new friends, does a new Chimera arrive to crash the party. The Ravager is a hulking brute that carries an Atomizer and an energy shield, similar to that of the Auger's. Equip your Bullseye and tag the heatsinks on his back. Several shots from your Bullseye will ignite the heatsinks and put an end to the beast. Just make sure you stay out of melee range and dodge his attacks or you'll his next victim.

When the battle subsides, follow the survivors through the door.

Objective: Defend Blitzer Pub

The next battle requires that you defend the pub from the Chimeran onslaught. Head up the stairs and refill your dwindling ammo supply. Then, make your way to the south end of the floor and focus your attention at the end of the long road. It isn't long before a Chimeran dropship unloads it cargo if Hybrids. Use the Marksman to take them out before they close to a dangerous distance. Shrapnel grenades also work well against groups of hostiles. Soon, a Ravager will show it's ugly face. Target its heatsinks and exterminate it quickly.

After the first wave is repelled, res-stock and replenish your ammo and health and then high tail it to the south side of the pub. The second dropship deposits it's contents down the street. More Hybrids and a pair of Ravagers appear and make a beeline for the pub's front door. Concentrate your fire on the Ravagers and try to kill them before they can enter the pub. If they breech the premises, head to the top of the stairs to repel them before they can make it any farther. Drop a couple of Hedgehogs to soften them up as they approach and then target their head and heatsinks with Bullseye fire.

Once they are down for the count, wipe up the remaining Hybrids and the battle is won.

Objective: Follow the Remnants to their hideout

The next objective is fairly straightforward and without risk. Simply follow the survivors through the sewers and to their hideout. Pick up any weapons and ammo you find along the way, as well as any Sym-Bac containers. At the first spray-painted "Exit" sign, hang a left and grab the Tunguska journal entry, then, continue following the trio of remnants.

Once you enter a large lobby, a Brawler appears to finish the job the Ravagers started. Use the Auger to target and destroy his shoulder heatsinks, then his forearm guards, and finally his chest plates. If you run out of Auger ammo, explosive Magnum rounds are always a good bet. To clear the pesky Hybrids, use the Atomizer. Once the beast is euthanized, proceed to the lobby exit.

Proceed farther through the tunnels and eventually you'll reach the Remnant hideout.

Chapter 8 - The Plan

Objective: Help the Remnants ambush a Chimeran dropship

One dropship lured to your location is no problem. Two or three however.... Take cover on the upper floor of the burned out building and destroy the Chimeran forces from cover. Use the Atomizer on Steelheads and the Bullseye on Longlegs. Remember your grenades, as a well placed Shrapnel or Hedgehog can give you the edge.

Once the Longlegs arrive in force, there are too many for you to fend off. Your objective will be updated and you'll be tasked to find and pick up the power core. Ignore the Longlegs and head straight for the objective marker. Pick up the core and then follow Charlie to the Hideout. You won't be able to fire your weapons while carrying the core so just concentrate on following Charlie and you'll make it through the battle. Sprint when he gets ahead of you and when traveling through the green gas that the Widomaker spews just before you arrive at the hideout.

Once inside, you have a bit of time to re-arm at the ammo box and grab the Hale Vaccine text entry.

Tip: Visit the ammo box multiple times until you get the "Ammo Full" notification.

When you're ready, move next to Charlie and open the door. After you pass through, you'll receive Molotovs. Molotovs ignite on impact and burn for a short period of time, damaging anything caught in the conflagration.

Chapter 9 - Plan B

The first battle begins when Charlie takes cover in a small structure. Defend him against Drones and Longlegs. Use the Auger to peer through the structure's walls and then switch to the Bullseye to tag and take down the Longlegs. Defeat enough of them and they'll pull back just enough to allow Charlie to make a break for the adjacent rooftop. He'll duck behind adequate cover so concentrate on targeting the Longlegs with the Deadeye and the Marksman. After you've whittled down their numbers, hit the yellow targeting plate to extend the bridge. Lead the way to the next building and Charlie will follow.

On the second floor of the devastated building, take a second to grab the Mass Exodus journal entry, then exterminate the unwelcome inhabitants. Move to the roof of the building and equip the Atomizer. Immediately after reaching the roof, fire the Atomizer's secondary projectile to clear out the multitude of enemies that await your arrival. Then, switch to a ranged weapon and clear out the remaining Longlegs. Move forward and onward, up the ramp and through the next building. Kill the Chimera that reside with in and the coast will be clear for Charlie to follow.

Objective: Kill the Widowmaker to recover the power core

The Gondola ride is everything but pleasant. Shortly after you board it, a Widowmaker appears and shakes the power core loose. Joe leaps from his high perch in a desperate attempt to recover the core.

The Widowmaker is big, but just as vulnerable as every other enemy you've faced thus far. Like the Brawler, you must destroy successive weak spots before it can be brought down for good. First, target the red areas on its head. Use the Bullseye's tagging system to make it easier. When the arachnid spews radioactive goo, displace around the perimeter of the courtyard and then re-engage. There are plenty of places to run to and hide within, so keep moving and pick your opportunities to inflict damage. After the vulnerable areas on its head are destroyed, target its abdomen. Finally, a red fleshy area will appear beneath it. Equip a Marksman and pepper it with high-velocity rounds until it falls.

Once the battle is over, Joe boards the transport with the rest of the Remnants.


You receive credits by playing through the game, earning trophies and medals. Use your credits to unlock extras for Resistance 3.


Name|Description|Cost Mirror Mode|The world is flipped left to right|30 Enemy Secondary Fires|Enemies can use secondary fires|45 Enemy Super Weapons|Some enemies randomly carry Bullseyes, Carbines, Augers, Rossmores and Marksmen |45 Bloody Hell!|Enemies explode into a shower of meat rain when killed. Unlocked by playing the Global Resistance social network game|10 Immersive |Health and ammo are not displayed|45 Health Regen|My Chimera virus is acting up again Resistance: Fall of Man-style health regeneration|120 All Weapons|All weapons available throughout the game|300 Infinite Ammo|An endless supply of bullets and grenades|400


Ellis Turner|30 Norma|20

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