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1.3 Special Enemies

Special Enemies


Brutes are enormous eight-foot tall behemoths that the Syndicate uses to enforce its will. They are extremely durable and hard to kill.

Also, All Brutes recover health when in a downed state. When Brutes are finally out of health, they will become incapacitated and you must run in and press a button to kill them or continue to pummel them to finish them off.

As your notoriety increases, the Brutes arrive on the back of a special vehicles. There are three types of Brutes, each suited to a different type of combat.

Melee Brute

The standard or Melee Brute is a close-in brawler. At range, he will attempt to grab and throw a nearby person or object. In general, however, he is much more effective at rushing in close (like a bull) and then performing a melee attack or grabbing you. Also, like all Brutes, the Melee Brute recovers health when in a downed state, which makes this enemy incredibly tough. The best way to deal with these hulks is to take advantage of the fact that they are unarmed. Keep your distance and plug away at them for as long as you can before sprinting away. That is easier than it sounds since they can charge at you at a very quick pace. These big boys can move!

Minigun Brute

Slower than the other Brutes, the Minigun Brute attacks from range, having no real desire (or ability) to rush his opponents.

But then again, he really doesn’t need to. The minigun he carries does heavy damage, has excellent range, and a very quick rate of fire. The Minigun Brute is also protected by bulletproof armor (though it acts as only partial cover).

The major weakness of this Brute is his inability to move and fire at the same time. Also the big gun is hard even for him to carry and he moves rather slowly.

He is very tough to deal with if he has an elevated position or partial cover. Use your speed to outmaneuver him, then force him to come to you, where you are somewhat protected.

Flamethrower Brute

This Brute likes to close the distance to be effective with his short-range weapons. Unlike the sluggish Minigun Brute, the Flamethrower Brute has the ability to rush in very quickly. Also, he possesses fireproof armor.

One important weakness is that if his backpack fuel tank is sufficiently damaged, it will explode and kill him. Because of the relatively short range of his flamethrower, keep your distance to attack this foe.

Unless you hare reduced your fire damage through an upgrade, he is simply too tough to take on toe-to-toe even if you have a minigun. Hit-and-run is the best way to deal with these flaming monsters...