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1.7 Combat and Weapons

Combat and Weapons

Combat in Saints Row: The Third retains the over-the-top action and intensity that makes the series incredibly enjoyable. The combat system has been revised to make it quicker and more intuitive than ever. You can access the Weapon Palette Menu at any time during the game and choose from any category of weapons and grenades. To change the weapon you currently have equipped for each category, you must access your weapons cache at a gun store or one of your cribs.


Players can engage in visceral melee combat with any person in the world at any time by selecting the Fist from the weapon selection menu. Melee combat features combo attacks and finishers with custom animations and camera views to reward players for landing combo attacks. Hand-to-hand combat is initiated with a light or heavy attack.

Continuing to press the buttons creates a combo attack that can end with several finishers. When a combo is underway, buttons appear on the HUD; if you are able to press the corresponding button, the attack becomes stronger. In addition to using your fists for melee combat, you also have an assortment of close-combat weapons. All of the melee weapons must be used at short range and, for the most part, consist of swinging instruments like bats.

Testicular Assault

While wielding a weapon, you always have a fallback attack called a Testicular Assault. This is a simple quick melee attack that can be used at any time, from the front or back, and will damage and incapacitate enemies in funny ways. This a comical, single-hit maneuver can be as useful as it is painful....