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3.2 The Dewynter Sisters


When you’re the overlord of a multibillion dollar arms dealing ring as well as a global criminal fraternity, it’s important to find good help, and Viola and her twin sister, Kiki, are the best. Viola and Kiki serve as the right-hand men to criminal mastermind Phillipe Loren. They crunch numbers, offer both financial and personal advice, and in general run the day-to-day business of the Syndicate. Through their savvy, if not ruthless, business sense, Phillipe has seen his profits go from 10 billion to 100 billion.


Calm and composed, Viola is a stark contrast to her often volatile sister, Kiki. Lively and passionate, Kiki is never afraid to speak her mind—which often lands her in trouble. Perhaps there was a time at Harvard Business School where they would have used sex appeal to get what they wanted, but they are way beyond that now. Make no mistake: They are not sexy women who happen to be good at business; rather, both are businesswomen who happen to be striking. While Viola may brush off assumptions that she is a secretary or arm candy (and would probably work that angle to her advantage), Kiki would be far more likely to verbally savage someone and assert her dominance. On the surface, both sisters are incredibly pragmatic, but at the end of the day they place each other before any business transaction.

Story Arc

At the beginning of the game, Viola and Kiki are villainesses who work with the Syndicate. Through their dedication and loyalty to Phillipe, the Syndicate’s leader, it is all but assumed that the sisters will one day assume leadership. However, when Phillipe is out of the picture, a power vacuum occurs and a volatile underling wrestles control from the sisters. This does not sit well for either of them but they cope with the situation in very different ways.