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4.1 Weapons Overview

Weapon Categories

Throughout your adventures you will encounter numerous types of weapons with a large variety of functionality. When you press the Weapon Inventory Menu, you can select from seven groups of weapons using the analog stick and four types of thrown projectiles using the directional pad. Ultimately, all weapons can be classified into nine categories: melee, pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, rifle, explosive, special, grenades, and temporary.

Acquiring Weapons

As a Reward

Weapons are an essential part of survival in Steelport and there are several ways to acquire them. The first method is passive: A weapon can be a reward during specific missions of the Campaign. During particular missions, a new weapon is featured and it will become part of your inventory when the mission is completed.

From Fallen Foes

The next way to get a new weapon is to simply pick one up from a fallen enemy that was foolish enough to try to use it against you. When you walk over a weapon, a message appears on the HUD display asking if you would like to swap your current weapon for the one on the floor. Also, running over any weapon on the ground picks up ammo for that category of weapon.

Buy It

The last resort for acquiring weapons is to actually buy them. The Friendly Fire store (shown as a gun icon on the map) is the local gun shop where you can purchase weapons, ammo, and upgrades. However, most of the essential weapons will be provided throughout the campaign and it is usually best to save your money for ammo and upgrades...