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6.1 Properties and Shops

Conquering Steelport

Like any thriving city, Steelport is the host to numerous shops and properties. You can purchase real estate that is currently owned by the gangs of Steelport to increase your own control of the hood. By taking over these money generating assets from the Syndicate you increasing your own cash flow while diminishing their power.

There are 34 stores and 30 properties to acquire. Each piece of real estate you buy is tied to a part of Steelport and as you gain control of these locales the hood surrounding them will turn Saints purple on the map to indicate your newly acquired dominion.

Wise Investments

Your income from these investments may seem small at first, but over time it can really add up, especially when you starting earning cash bonuses. This is the best passive way to continue to earn cash throughout the game.

Whenever you have some money to spare, pump it into properties and soon you will be make a substantial profit on your initial investment. Just make sure to increase your cash transfer amount through your Strongholds. In addition to increasing your percentage of district control and income, buying a store will also earn you a 5% discount at that store. That’s not a huge savings but it can add up when you start purchasing a lot of weapon upgrades...