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7.1 Assassinations

Assassinations are exactly what they sound like: the targeted killing of an individual who has raised the concern or ire of the party employing your services. It’s never quite as simple as just walking up to the target discreetly in public, killing them, and escaping without being seen. Almost every hit has some sort of task you must accomplish to draw the target out of hiding and into the open where you can get at them. However, once the target is out in the open, you can use just about any means at your disposal to eliminate them, which makes the Assassination missions very free-form in nature.

  For example, say you need to draw out a target who is hiding in a helicopter in flight, by stealing an aircraft. You can go to the airport and take a plane from there and kamikaze the target, bailing out of your stolen plane at the last minute. Or you can invade the local Guard base, steal an attack chopper, chase the target down and blow him out of the sky, and then fly your new ride back to a crib for safekeeping. Either way gets the job done, just remember that once you’ve drawn out the target, there’s no specific rules that govern how you do them in. Just remember that you have many tools available at your disposal, all provided at Steelport’s expense!

  Hits do not always go smoothly, regardless of your methods. A rival hitman from another organization could be on the job, or you could be walking into an ambush. Or there could be multiple decoys and you’ll have to suss out who is the legitimate target. This is why no matter how simple a hit sounds on paper, it never hurts to go into each mission loaded for bear and prepared for any eventualities on the way to the target.

  There are 36 Assassinations available from Saintsbook over the course of the game. You’ll find that you can only access a portion of these early in your Steelport takeover. Once you have Kinzie, Zimos, and Angel on your side, another group of Assassinations becomes available. The final set appears after STAG has made their presence felt in the city. Other than these limitations, all Assassinations can be accomplished at any time during the story, but keep in mind that once STAG is involved, certain hits will be made a lot more difficult until you have dealt with them.

Target: Karl

Hired by: Shaundi
Location: Airport
Cash Earned: $500
Respect Earned: 125

Overview: Drug ring leader won’t play ball with Saints

“Karl hauls bags at the airport. He also smuggles drugs in them, and ruthlessly steps on anyone in his territory. Steal a cart at the airport and I’m sure he’ll come check you out.”

As one of your earliest available hits, Karl is pretty easy. This Assassination serves as a sort of training ground, emphasizing that you’ll often have to do something to get the target to come out. And the something in this case is pretty easy.

  You need to get to the airport. Not just to the terminal, but to the side where all the planes are currently sitting, awaiting passengers. Apart from any antics you might get involved with between the moment when you accept the hit and when you arrive at the airport, you do not arouse any police or gang ire. You should try to keep it that way for all hits. Unless a job requires you to start a fight, your life is much easier the less trouble you cause before the actual kill.

  Once at the airport tarmac, look around for any small carts you can jack. Usually, they are parked near maintenance buildings, but you can also find some near the airliners, too.

  Within moments of taking a cart, Karl comes looking for you in his own cart. He tends to come straight for you, so if you have a sniper rifle and are a steady shot, you can plug him from far away. If he’s already too close, any weapon will do. The cart he shows up in provides practically no protection for him whatsoever, so he should be an easy kill.

Target: Almonzo

Hired by: Mr. Roller
Location: The Grove
Cash Earned: $500
Respect Earned: 75

Overview: Taking a permanent dive...