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8.3 Jumps

Steelport is a very dense city and by the end of the game you have probably seen a large amount of it. Still, hidden in the open are numerous ramps that you might never have noticed. These enticing inclines are not obvious, as most are made of everyday items like steps and dirt. Later in the game, when the bridges connecting the islands are raised, you will have some pretty obvious targets for stunt jumping.

Each jump earns you 50 respect and $500 cash. Jumps can be done repeatedly to continue to earn rewards. Also, performing these stunts is a great way to earn respect for big air and to complete that challenge. Generally the best vehicle to use is a motorcycle, but once you have nitrous you can use most cars.

Developer tips

Buying the Nitrous Skill upgrade for your vehicles will help give you an added boost for multiple stunt jumps. (Unlocked at level 26)

Having the Vehicle Delivery upgrade will be a great help when your vehicles fall in the water or are destroyed when trying to make a jump. (Unlocked at level 2)

Be ready, STAG won’t like you jumping over the bridges that they raised in Mission 39. (Stunt Jumps 38–55)

Stunt jumps tips and tactics provided by: Morgan Henry, Tester

Jump 1

Description: On the ship, jump off the ramp to the area below on the left.

Preferred Vehicle: Kenshin

Other Tips:

There is a jump ramp to get a car onto the ship at the southwest side of the dock.

There is already a Kenshin motorcycle on the deck of the ship.

Jump 2

Description: Jump off the grassy ramp onto the street below.

Preferred Vehicles: Kenshin, Kaneda, Torch...