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9.3 Drug Packages

Drug package tips:

Drug Packages 2, 3, and 12: These all require some sort of flying vehicle to access.
Drug Package 5: Without this guide or without the GPS ability to find collectibles unlocked, this and package 6 would be very easy to miss during your travels through the city. Because it is located in a cave near a highway bridge, access is limited to approaches from above, as there is no simple way to climb up to the cave from the water. A tree also stands before the cave, making it easy to just fly or boat past it without suspecting a thing. You can sacrifice a Thompson to get you to this cliff, or try to leap down from above and parachute in. A Specter is also a good choice, since it’s small enough to make a safe landing on the ground near the tree. Once you get to the ledge, move past the tree and into the cave where the drugs await.
Drug Package 6: Much like number 5, this package is hidden in a small cliff-side cave, camouflaged by a tree, and access to it is still limited to landings of small craft like the Specter or Thompson, or simply by leaping down to the ledges from above. However, unlike 5, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the icon leading to the package from the outside if you fly past it at the right angle. However you choose to get here, you’ll find the package hidden in a small cave.
Drug Package 9: Another easy-to-miss location, underneath the freeway on-ramp at this point is a small garage. Behind it, the package waits for collection.
Drug Package 10: You can use the stairs on the outside of the building to climb to the rooftop, but you can make things much quicker just by swooping in with a flying vehicle.
Drug Package 17: The XXX strip joint has a back alley that is fenced off rather thoroughly, but you can climb it easily enough to get to the package hidden there.

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Drug Package 2

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